Demon blood nonsense

Listen here, demon blood it’s absolutely ridiculous now that we have to farm for just 5 to 7 per dragon or kill and this is using the harden steel tools. need to change the yield back or to at lease 20 sorcery will be non existent for me here shortly

Uhh, what?
There are many creatures that yield you a good amount of demon blood, I always have too much of it and I’m not even looking for it :notlikethis:

Make sure you get the Efficient Harvest Perk, go kill a Yeti, use an upgrade Hatchet on it or skinning knife if you want some fur too :+1:

Edit: lmao the irony, I just encountered a Corrupted Sabretooth and got 100 demon blood from it :rofl:
Now of course, I had better tools than Hardened Steel → Black Blood Hatchet with Oil of Bounty
So I guess with Hardened Steel + Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit you would get at least 50 :+1:


Best source for me has always been the 3 skull snake bosses. I always get tons from them using a pick.


There is a list of all mobs that drop Demon Blood. My favorites are the bat demons and the undead kappas.
I would never consider killing dragons for this. Far too cumbersome.


One of the best perks in the game unless you have a huge building project you’re farming.

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Welcome to the forum m8. Dragons are not a good harvesting pool for demon blood.
Like @SpherisCore said hatchet is the best tool for demon blood and like @Eniguman said the snakes are the best 3 skull bosses for this reason.
I personally gather tons of it with a star metal pickaxe and i mostly kill spider bosses, they die super fast and cover ichor needs as well.
Make sure that your tools have efficient upgrade like @SpherisCore told you, it’s important.

True, you can go super efficient and beast of burden from lvl 20 now. A simple steel pickaxe that you can have from the ghost chests really early in the game with this perk can give you over 12k stones before your pickaxe breaks. It’s so easy now. That’s why i am against the “move” of the agility perk quick footed to be the very first perk. Lvl 25 you can run faster than anything and carry the half map. Then the game will become extremely easy.

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As others have pointed out, if you’re using dragons for demon blood, then you’re stuck in the past. :wink:

I remember when dragons were one of the best sources for it, but that was a looooong time ago. Nowadays, I’ll just go on a little tarantula hunting trip. There are 4 guaranteed spawns on the map for giant spider world bosses. Those are incredibly easy to defeat, and they yield massive amounts of demon blood.

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And to just pile on here…When in the jungle, focus all energies at farming gators in the beginning . 1) You’ll need them for leathers and skins and 2) you are cycling the spawn points for a corrupted version which drops ~100 demon blood depending on your harvesting tool.

How so? :thinking:

About demon blood I always thought it’s no use after a while.

Too many stacks of it everywhere, later you just don’t bother to store it cause there are no recipes to use it for, maybe just for sorcery pouches. But even like this all of the recipes are very cheap in this resource.

The only exception is hunting for it to build your first maproom, when you don’t have the best tools yet, so it is like celebration when you find corrupted croco or hyena.

Demon Blood is useful for:
• Elixir of Rebirth, to reroll Followers’ Perks
• A few cloth pouches, though you don’t need much
• Dragonpowder for explosives → used in PvE for Star Metal → used in PvP to demolish bases
Serpent-men Arrows (currently the best craftable arrows with star metal, but cheaper materials)

It can also be purified at Jhebbal Sag’s T2 altar, to get Blood, which can be useful for other things such as making Potent Compost to farm Grey Lotus :+1:

And last but not least Shadespiced Demon Blood gives you Scorpion King/Queen pets, even though pets are useless :smiley:

I think that’s about it yeah ^^;

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About this, well…

Yeah. I think that some resources need lowering in harvest rate, or more recipes to use those for. Cause later in game they just lose any value to the player.

I love challenge in general, but it’s not satisfying at all to harvest and amass insane piles of side product stuff you are actually never going to use anyway.

Explosive jars. That’s why it has such a high demand on pvp. You need dragonpowder. On pve, explosive arrows. Now everyone uses transportory stones, mostly, so maprooms are no longer a thing.

One demon blood for one dragon powder with only improved cauldron? Oh c’mon Marcos. Mostly 100 explosives is enough to do the deed while raiding a base.

I was thinking exactly this back then, playing PvP. No one has problem with farming dragon blood when making explosives, on the other hand everyone is aimed on making steelfire, which cost is insane in this matter. Not balanced at all. :smiley:

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What can I say? People stock up on it.
On pve I throw it away. On pvp I keep it.

Because you get loads of tar when making armors and brimstone is not rare. Still, it’s indeed disproportionate.

I get gallons from corrupt creatures, in fact at one time was hunting boar just to get the pork for demon blood sausage.

I keep it anyways, I am like hamster. :confused: :smiley:

But again, even on PvP you harvest insane amounts of it and won’t use it all or you won’t get short on it, maybe you have slightly more options to use it, but still. If one dragon powder costed 5 instead of 1 dragon blood, or if the harvesting rate of it was lower, could be more fun. But not making the harvest rate random, like “sometimes you get the blood, sometimes you are screwed”, that would be too much IMO.

The meat is another thing… With end game tools you get something between 200-300 pork from single minibos boar and some of the savoury as well. I use it only for making shadespiced food for wolves and sabretooths :smiley:

Absolute easiest early game source for it for my first maproom first explosive arrows is lions, I can bleed them with stone daggers get on average (64 with stone) 128 demonblood with hardened/steel per lion