Tool to gather demon blood?

So far tried it with picks and axe. And chance of getting blood with pick or axe extremely low even from dragons.
Killed around 10 bat demons and 2 dragons, and got blood drop only once from one of bat demons.

Is there tool that provides higher chance of getting demon blood?

I want to say that I’ve had fairly good luck with a skinning knife since that is my primary means of harvesting creatures other than a special few such as rocknose, but I am also lazy. I came out of the breeding pits last time with quite a few demon blood and only had my hardened steel skinning knife and cleaver with me at the time.

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Same here - Skinning knife seems to work best.

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Thx, i guess i’ll try skinning knife next time!

I find the axe yields more while with skinning knife I get the odd one or two

Skinning knifes ok imps is egnuff, abit ti easy to farm my i say…

A pick will yield the most demon blood. Tested in single player with obsidian tier of all tools. Pick > cleaver > hatchet > skinning knife