Demon Blood Farming - A Task for Every Tool & a Tool for Every Task

So for harvesting Demon Blood, I’ve found the best tool is the cleaver. From the Dragon south of the Mitra trainer, I got 5 blood with a hardened steel skinning knife versus 10 with a hardened steel cleaver. Blood is guaranteed off the Dragon so farm away. 20 Dragons should be (more or less) a World Map.

Happy farming :slight_smile:


What dragon south of Mitra Trainer ? I’ve only seen snakes and scorpions in the sands between there and the Unnamed City.

I presume its this dragon:

as @pieceofgosa said, straight south from oasis, but basically on the border of Unnamed City

Thanks for the info. I never saw it, but I never enter the UC from there so I avoid going in the red sands.

As an addition to the information pieceofgosa posted, there are a a number of elite spawns along the north side of the main river. They also drop demon blood.

I have always used a pick, though, and will certainly try the cleaver, thanks !



I regularly farm the giant snake in UC for blood, I’ve found he drops the most. The hatchet seems to be the best tool for demon blood.

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Black Yeti drops loads of it as well.


The snake is also my preferred source (believe you get 60 or so on vanilla rates) but I use a pick instead. Early on the blue eyed shalebacks were pretty good.

You’ll be swimming in it with your first Yeti purge.

Star Metal Tools with advanced upgrade kits vs The Red Mother:

Hatchet - 14 demon blood + 16 volatile glands
Butcher Knife - 15 demon blood + 7 volatile glands
Pick - 15 demon blood + 15 volatile glands
Skinning Knife - 17 demon blood + 0 volatile glands
Pickaxe - 15 demon blood + 4 volatile glands

Snake: 0 demon blood with butcher knife or skinning knife. around 170 demon blood with pick/hatchet on the same rates.

Blue eyed kappa: 52 demon blood with a pick.

Black Yeti: 121 demon blood with a pick / 125 with a hatchet / 0 with a butcher knife (cleaver)

According to the above, it appears that using hatchet/pick/pickaxe is the safest bet :slight_smile:

in my own personal experience, the Black Yeti has the best drop rate of demon blood.

I only wish we could make a blood pool of some sorts :confused:

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Snake in arena entrance… cannot exit arena (so u can bow it with safety). Gives 184 demonblood with 0 survival with an obsidian pick with tool upgrade and around 230 with 30 survival with same tool. Same snake is inside the temple of triumvirate inside Unnamed city… 2nd best source is the Burrow king… around 90 demon blood with a pick and way faster to be killed than bosses

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Now THAT would be an awesome decorative piece. :star_struck:
Maybe even have a fountain of blood.

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