What's the best tool for harvesting: BK, Rocknose (Volcano), and Salamanders?

It sucks that there isn’t a comprehensive guide/list that has information on which tool is preferred to get the most of x item.

So for demon blood, what tool should I use for the King and the small Rocknoses in the volcano?
I’ve heard it all, use the Pick, use a Hatchet, use a Pickaxe, no use a Cleaver, no wait use a Skinning Knife. Which one is the correct one though?

Same goes for Salamanders for the volatile glands, should I use a Pick? If I do, I get bones. Should I use a hatchet? If I do, I get the head. Should I use a skinning knife? If I do, I get more hide.


For off drop stuff like Demon Blood and Volatile glands, I see no difference. The reason Sickle for Salamander is the go to has nothing to do with more Volatile. It’s because that is all you get with a Sickle so you aren’t chucking 50 bags of feral on the ground.

I tend to go with Pick for demon blood but not because it works better. I just happen to multi task that job and grab gold Ore when I am up there so I have picks on me. I have used a few tools, the quality is all that impacts it. Star Metal is king right now from what I have seen.

After Frontier and pets were added a lot more mobs fit in the group of nothing special to give. Sabretooth have nothing of worth. Elk King has nothing of worth. Mammoth are strictly for Mammoth hide - skinning knife optimal, Bears are for bear pelts - skinning knife is optimal, Wolves are kind of pointless but they always were. Pigs give pork. Take that for what it’s worth - so cleaver - but in all cases, star metal gets me the most. larger scorp is the only optimal haunch source I have found, Gazelle and Goat for savory.

Back to your main general question though, off drops don’t link to a tool like hide and meat and all tools seem to yield the same numbers.

The game seriously needs a harvest filter where you can choose to not harvest specific drops.

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Would be a neat little QoL improvement if I didn’t have to lug around mountains of human meat whenever I go proselytising.

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For the greater rocknose I’ve found that the obsidian skining knife is best. Regularly get between 4 - 12 demon blood.

Volitile gland… Salamanders are a waste of time now days. Just do a few runs around dafari camps. They seem to drop way more than you’ll get from salamanders.

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