2.4 PvP Changes Makes the game less fluid and less enjoyable

How is it you think you know what server types people have/have not played on?? I’m a smart guy but reading minds through forum pages is not something I’ve learnt yet :thinking: first time commenting on forum and it’s with this tripe :man_facepalming: unless of course your another one of those ppl that like to make multiple accounts to either try to give your opinions a larger scope OR that attitude that shines on through has got you banned?

I know a few people who created their accounts for the first time here since update 2.4 to voice their opinions and they’ve been playing for a long time. Some new members are genuine believe it or not…


No doubt. However if this is a a genuine new member, it’s not the best way to enter the forums is it lol :joy: come in insult two types of the player base and than drop mic and walk out :man_shrugging:

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I got to say, i find it funny that the self proclaimed GOOD PvPers, think this a bad patch. Anything that effects your META. is always bad.
I find that is takes more skill to play the game, you have to live with mistakes, you need to control your combat style, and pressure correctly. But that isnt what people want, they want easy unrealistic fighting styles. (i want to swing as hard as i can, and magically stop it mid swing because…)

Ive never used the Auto Cancel, i always thought it was cheap, and now that it is “nearly” gone, it only makes you on a playing level you are not use to. and i find that funny. Even with me not using Auto cancel or heals (hell i bearly ever rolled lmao), i still beat the crap out of those that did, or completely relied on cheese, cheap, hyper spam.

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The same way facepunch rust does it. Get another mouse or get vac banned. I still remember the backlash, and the palpable taste of people resignation to have to buy a normal mouse to be able to play. aghaghaghagha
(you can search “rust: blacklisted devices”, keep in mind you’re the one using their intellectual propriety, not the other way around) :slight_smile:

The gaps left to fill with unwield+wield gone: - Conan Exiles / Suggestions - Funcom Forums I think everyone who is into this topic needs to check out this post, it needs more attention & its based of a poll system easy to participate even if u do not wish to comment on it.

It talks about improving the game with surden methods to keep the balance of the weapon swapping but at new ways instead of unsheath/sheath we have to respect Funcom’s final dicission about this topic. I wish they would revert but they have made up their mind :slight_smile:


Agreed this is particularly annoying when trying to change weapons. Start a fight with a thral decide I want to knock him out try to change to love tap…try to change to love tap… try to … ok there it goes… very annoying.

If that would be real - good luck killing someone with few stacks of potions in inventory - there’s no way you gonna kill - he will just run and drink potions.

Also duels 1v1 would be just: who got more potions usually wins.

Come duel me, you can have 100potions i use none. and ill destroy you.

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