2 big bugs: thrall food and rapid Despawning corpse…

  1. All food now only boosts a thralls chance to gain vitality. Broken. If a thrall is already at 95% chance to gain vitality, extra 14% is wasted. I now have to wait to level this bearer thrall until the fix.

  2. If you disconnect from the game and a npc kill’s you, your body instantly Despawns and the loot bag will be gone by the time you relog. Make bodies last over an hour please and bags as long as 30 minutes. I just lost my best travel gear - a predatory blade, night watchers mask, and scorpion harness, and irreplaceable slow fall droughts from quest rewards… No more infinite night vision and antitoxins for me (sad camper) (note this happened at the black galleon where there is incredible lag due to there being tons of npcs that Aggro and might not happen everywhere. I have screenshots as proof if needed.) funcom I would love a return of those rare drops, will take weeks to get them again if ever… and I know you won’t return the items. But please fix these bugs along with the broken dismantling bench and the fact that I can’t complete the first journey step “enter the exiled lands” what the heck I’m already in the exiled lands!!!

Edit: seems cooked fish boosts vitality on a bearer 3: should be agility. BUT on a Lisa longbow it boosts agility as intended. Wtf? Weird!

Gruel on my eri ravager boosts vitality when it should be strength

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