2 handed warhammer is broke

Game mode: *[ Select one: Online private
Type of issue: *[ Select one: Other
Server type: | PvE-Conflict |
Region: [USA ]
Hardware: [ Xbox 1s ]

Bug Description:

*The 2 handed warhammer has multiple issues, since the forums won’t let me post video, I’ve posted it to funcom’s Facebook page, but I will provide screenshots with descriptions here.
One of the first major problems is that it has a reach that is about 200% larger than the weapon is. The following is not a latency issue as we’ve tested this multiple times and even land lined our Xbox’s together to try to rule out latency.

Somehow this is connecting every time. It’s able to hit you when you should be well out of range.
Also, if someone kicks your shield, it will stack whatever effect the weapon has on you. In the following photos I’m getting poison stacked on me by my friend kicking my shield. Also the kick drops your shield allowing them to light attack you before you can get the shield back up, that wouldn’t be a problem if you could roll out of the way, but you can’t roll out of its incredibly long reach in a single roll, which is all you have time for.

The swing attack that lunges you forward about 15’ a second can hit you through walls

If someone comes in at an angle with the swing lunge, it will go through shields, I think the lunge is putting the hammer behind the shield.

Me and my friends have spent hours trying to figure out how to counter this. Even with archery, those advancing attacks combined with its incredible reach force the archer to double roll (cause a single roll doesn’t get you out of range) and use up all stamina while the guy with the warhammer just lunges 15’ at a time making escape impossible.

Even with a full 5 perks in vitality, this weapon will two tap you. You can’t get close enough to counter it with any melee weapon, and as I said with archery, you use all your stamina just trying to dodge it.

Expected Behavior:

if the weapon is going to do this much damage, please rework the weapon so it only hits what it actually connects with, along with fixing the stacking poison by kicking shields, hitting through walls and shields, etc.

Steps to Reproduce:

equip a warhammer, put 5 perks in strength, and have someone vs you with any weapon while you spam light attack your way to victory every time:



Thank you for reaching out to us. We have found your videos on Facebook and we linked together with your report to forward everything to our team.

Please let us know if you find any other issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:


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