2 quick questions

hi guys first sorry for my english

so i download this game

1)i see there is not easy mode,is supposed to be an analogy with other games that normal is easy and hard is normal-or normal is normal and they just didn’t put easy mode???

2)it runs kind heavy on my rx580 8gb,is the game like that-a hard on graphics???on 1080 with normal textures even,and the characters feel slow.If i go high the frames drop more.
Cause ive already played games that are supposed to be heavy like the new tomb raider and easily got 1080 high graphics with 60 frames

Hey Rudi!

Sorry for the late response. Hopefully I’m not too late!

  1. That’s just how the developers wanted to frame the difficulty. Normal mode in MYZ used to be Easy mode, so if you want the easiest experience (which could still be challenging), that’s the one you want.

  2. It shouldn’t run too hot if you’re using a new graphics card. It might be a driver issue, might be something we need to fix. We need some more information.