2 tiles long trap doors/hatches

Since you guys never gave ladders a proper use (we cant automatically climb/descend them) maybe you could also offer 2 tiles long hatches/trap doors variation for stairs.

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Thay added extra stability to ladders in the last update so you can now stack ladders without the bottom one disappearing

Yes exactly, but people have been requesting this since ladders were added to the game, I doubt Funcom will do anything about it anymore… Thats why I was considering 2 tiles long hatch doors, we could connect them at the end of regular stairs.

I know, but we still need to climb, and we have no means to descend them. So ladders are pretty much a visual feature with minimum use (unless your hatch door is in the middle of a room, far from the closest wall). If we could also have 2 tiles long hatch doors we could use them on regular stairs

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We should be able to use ladders (E) to go up and down them.

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agreed, this would be realy fine.

I often miss a way to close in a good manner stairs leading on a roof, tower or what else. A double-hatch would do the trick here !

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You know I would give them a proper use as well in sieges. Allow players to place them against any wall ( Not fence foundations, they would still be climable though) including that which isn’t owned by you. Yes this would allow you scale right to the top of another structure. Have them have a seperate but low decay timer. This will make them super useful I promise you.

Someone is playing to much Rust :slight_smile:

I honestly think they should add spike traps like the ones that were in black keep in early access. That would be great to be able to trap hallway.