A ladder suggestion please

Just a suggestion to have ladders snap to other ladders. Ideally I’d like them to snap to any piece besides just hatches, but even if you decide to keep the hatch as a requirement, allow for ladders to snap to other ladder pieces so they can be made longer without finagling a bunch of hatches that’d defeat the purpose of having them anyways


No stamina costs on ladders
It’s pretty dumb that ladders are quite useless


Or at least reduced stamina used, but I agree with you. Also every time I build a two part ladder the bottom have vanishes the next day I log in. Am I doing something wrong do you some how have to figure out how to put a bottom hatch, haha?


I have no idea. I never use ladders :smiley:

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I dunno, I’ve never gotten the ladders to snap more than one unless there was a hatch between them, that’s why I made my suggestion

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So unless you build a base piece and a ramp or stairs leading up to the one ladder piece then the ladder is useless. I have others I managed to get to snap and they have no issue just certain places of the map this happens along with Thralls randomly vanishing if placed in certain areas. Strange stuff my dude.

Wow… ladders snapping to ladders is so basic in a building game that it almost surprises me that Funcom screwed it up. Almost.

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Yes, ladders should be easier to snap.

Stamina should be reduced but still used, otherwise you might just climb the heavens in no time when climbing itself consumes stamina.

or maybe youve been playing 7days and another player broke the bottom rung to stop zombies climbing up :slight_smile:

…and that’s all there is to say about that :slight_smile:
well, it’s functionally useless, but in a few cases it can have decorative use, I suppose