Reduce stamina cost for ladders


And you shouldn’t fall from them if you are out of stamina.

As far as I can tell, ladders have the same stamina cost as free climbing.

Out of shape me can climb a ladder easily enough but there is a big difference between rungs and a rock cliff. If you get tired on a ladder, you can lean into it and stand as easily as if you were standing on the ground. Not so if its only your grip preventing a long fall.


Ladders are useless now even as decorative items. Most exiles build their bases with 2-tile high floors, but we can’t put one ladder on top of another! We can build high pillars or several stairs without additional support, but we can’t make ladders 2 or 3 tiles high? It’s complete nonsense for me.


I support this idea. Ladders in this game are ridiculous. I would like to be able to put a ladder on the side of a structure of mine and climb it freely


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