Usable (and stackable) Ladders

In the current game ladders are kinda pointless just a decoration thing but you cant stack them on top of each other nor place them without the hatch doorway. so make an interaction on a ladder to do an animation that s faster then wall climbing to get on top?


Alternately (or together with that) loosen up the placement restrictions on ladders. I want to be able to place them on an outside wall, or more or less anywhere really, not just inside a hatch door.


With me (Xbox) it is like that, I can climb ladders up. But I can not climb ladders down. I always have to jump down.

Is that the same on other platforms? That should also be improved.

(Google translation)

Yes thats the same (playing on pc)

I really want to build a good ole fashion Castlevania dungeon on my private server:)

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