21800 HP on a horse

I’ve been leveling thralls today and at some stage I have noticed that my horse that was following me and leveling too has got 21800 HP, is that normal or did something glitched (I play with mods).

It has been normal since a few updates ago. Its insurance against mob death for when you die and have to get back to your horse that cant defend itself. It was a change made without any fanfare.


I use that mod from Multigun which makes horses actually fight back.
What have I done! I created a monster. I will try to send my horse against arena champion to see what happens.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


its ur new base defense for purge. just surround your base with horses and its easy max lvl purge

Shadowmere and friends

True, he’s black too :smile:

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If you’re lucky enough to get 200 armor on him, then that health will last allot longer! Mainly focusing on Vitality, and getting lucky with Grit points can make a titan of a horse.

Mine horse has 27,669 health and 300+ armor. I send him and my pets out to draw aggro while I sit down and have a smoke break. Dumb horse gets hit one time and runs back to me with enemy in tow.

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