Horses have way too much hp

Exactly what the title says, horses have way too much hp. And seen various other people mention this now too. Now this issue is gonna divide the community. The PvE players on one hand are probably really happy about their pet tanks. I would be too in their environment. But for the PvP players it’s a whole separate issue coz what happens people will go out to raid and they’ll bring this horse that has like 26-30k hp. When they get to the defenders base there will usually be a concentration of guarding thralls somewhere so what they do is they get their pet tank to tp into that room so that all the thralls will aggro and attack the horse while simply roll around behind the defenders thralls casually eliminating them. It is a problem for defense. For the raiders horse=good, for the defenders horse = bad.
But I personally had another chance encounter with another teams horse. It had over 26k hp. It got left behind when they got wiped and I was building in their old spot. I literally had to build around this beast of a horse. Finally I got a leveled thrall in there and waited for happy hour to come. Raid starts, my thrall starts attacking the horse, I helped. It took me and that thrall over 5 minutes to kill that horse. And that was with me maintaining a 20 stack of bleed in the horse the whole time. It was ridiculous.

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The automotive aficionado in me wanted to make a comment about my horses only having 1 horsepower, but you are correct in that the horses were given a rather large health bump.

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This appears to be a solution looking for a problem.


@speedice now that you mention it they do seem a bit slower than in the past, even the swift variety.

@Taemien still bored eh? That’s your own fault. Too much time playing god. Why even lower yourself to the petty problems of us mere mortals?

You said you took 5 minutes to kill something with 30,000 health. You’re telling me you + your thrall did a combined DPS of only 100? That’s not a petty mortal problem, thats a build/gear/level problem.


@Taemien 5 minutes was an approximation Mr. Numbers. It took a long fkn time. A level 10 berserker with a BotA in mixed STR armor and me in a decent AGI build with daggers of nameless days….point is the horse way too long to kill IMO, but you go right on ahead and keep acting like an ■■■■■■■ about it. We’ve learned to just ignore you anyways.

If you’re trying to prove a point, you might try not personally attacking the person who is merely stating facts. I haven’t even given an opinion and my first post was a criticism of your OP not giving us enough information to what the exact problem is.

You gave us numbers, 30,000 health of the horse, and a time to kill of 5 minutes. But without any context. When the numbers are ran, you claim they weren’t the real numbers as you felt it might have implied you didn’t know what you were doing. Which I never suggested. Yeah trying to take down a 30k animal with stone weapons at level 9 is going to take a long time. But it shouldn’t (and for your sake, I will say it WON’T) if you’re level 60 with ~some decent gear. Especially considering the Horse is non-hostile and boxed in. So you and your thrall can attack as much as your stamina allows.

Unless of course the statement of build around the beast and keeping 20 stacks of bleed up the whole time was an exaggeration as well?

So now we’re going to do a bit of a word problem as they say in most educational institutions. Five minutes is too long. But it didn’t take five minutes according to your emotional clarification. So was it around four minutes? Three? How much time do you think it should take to kill a horse with a specific setup? Once we have that information, we can determine how much health a horse can have (or at least an informed suggestion).

Because for all we know, you killed a horse with 22,000 health in around a minute. And cutting the health in say half would mean that same setup would be less than 30 seconds. And if that kit isn’t the most damaging kit, it means well geared players will kill the horse in seconds with the suggestion.

This my friend, is why numbers are important. I’m not acting like a jerk simply for trying to find the truth. Nor will I change my goals to that regard, because at the end of the day, the truth matters more then how you feel about it.


I think the issue here is that thralls, or anything for that matter, shouldn’t aggro on horses. PvE players will be glad their horse isn’t being killed, PvP players will be glad their thralls aren’t attacking a tank that runs away… win-win as far as I’m concerned. :roll_eyes: Horses should only take collateral damage. What monster goes out of their way to attack a horse without a rider anyway?


Exactly! But they are not tanks.
We crash, they stack on objects and accept dmg from the whole freaking camp, so even 20k hp might not be enough ,that’s why they made them 30 k, to give us time to go back and collect them still alive. And no, the system doesn’t always work and sometimes they take dmg even if we are out of rendering distance. So please, leave them be, yes they are godly vigor thralls but they don’t fight, they don’t harm. Now if your problem is that they attract aggro, press the damn button to order your thrall to attack another target, it’s not that hard. Not to mention that horses cannot wear gas masks, what is wrong with you, you don’t want to spend gas or acid arrows and you play pvp? How do you even raid without acid arrows, naked with jars?
With all do respect @WhiteRabbit, you have no excuse here to ruin one good thing that happened with this update, because so far that’s the best thing this update brought.


Just here for the math :notlikethis:
→ 20 Stacks of Bleed = 27 DPS which ignores armor
→ Horse max healing is Asura’s Glory with 10 HP/s
↳ At minimum just with the bleeding, Horse takes 17 dps

Bleed only would take about 1765s to kill the horse, which takes approximately 29mn 25s
Stone Daggers without any attribute point boosting any damage would thus kill this massive HP horse is less than half an hour.

Bye, was just here for math :slight_smile:


Rhino too once level 20 has very high health.
For raiders who raided me, it was easier to bomb horse to death rather then trying to kill with weapon.
Just to see, what was in horse invetory.

You’d be surprised how many people keep their DP on horses O.O

Take out horses > thralls > enemies and anything standing in your way.


When they changed the health of pets, nerfed then buffed, they also did it for horses. Then they implemented an update that, then again, buffed horse health.

My clan and I were completely convinced that it was a mistake on Funcom’s part.

While at first we were happy that horses could withstand most PVP encounters, the reality is that horse combat is not viable and eliminating horses has become a boring pain in the azz.

I am absolutely not one to pit any modes against each other but this buff(s) only benefits PVE players. It hinders or is useless to PVP players.

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Now that I’ve read God and Ordinary Mortals, I really need to speak up. :rofl:

Personally, and I’m only speaking from my point of view, I feel that the maximum life points for the horses are perfectly fine.
Especially when you are online as a solo player and consider dungeons and purges as your second home.

For a long time it was criticized that the horses did not have enough life points.
And now people complain that the horses have too many.
sounds to me like normal mortal problems just like a German would complain: the sun is too sunny, the water is too wet, the apple tastes too appley. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe so, but I’m not a fan of nerfing horses again. As a PvE player, I think it’s a huge improvement. Unfortunately, until they can find a way to manage settings separately between PvP and PvE, there needs to be a compromise. The fact that many nerfs or changes occur because PvP (and SOMETIMES PvE) complains about something being too OP, it gets pretty annoying. Compromises MUST be considered, but they rarely are.

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They buffed horses because they used to be made of paper.

I would appreciate not requesting them be brought back to that nonsense situation.

Make another troll post, please.


Horses were fine before they nerfed animals in general. That was a happy medium and compromise.

I’m sorry and I’m not going to get into a huge debate on PVP vs. PVE, but while certainly some decisions do impact PVE, the reality is that PVP is still an offered game mode and is heavily ignored or made to seem unimportant in comparison.

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I agree that horses at around 9-10k was fine. If it’s at least that, it would be ok. 30k is too much. I just don’t wanna see my horse dying. Also, make them not be aggro’d by thralls and NPCs. If they remained “collateral,” the 20-30k hp wouldn’t be needed. Then pvp can attempt to kill them, while PvE can get along without a damn train being run on our horses as they circle around the battlefield. I think most PvP players can kill a horse at 10k by themselves without the help of their thralls.


Agreed. 5kish seemed to be the low end, a good horse was about that 9-10k. 30k is triple what they used to be O.O

When they nerfed animals it make horses absolutely useless but I think they went too far or made a mistake by buffing them twice!

Even 15k should be fine, given perk bonuses… granted, that 30k seems to be from re-rolls. My horse isn’t anywhere near that. You got some sweaty ass PvP players trying to buff up horses. I can hardly say that Funcom is entirely at fault.