25+ attempts to log back in after yet ANOTHER crash

This has become ridiculous. Seriously considering uninstalling all Funcom products from my systems and never supporting this company again.

Ever since the 3.0 update I can’t go near anyone elses bases without crashing. I’m still dealing with invisible enemies, random floating grass and trees, and terrible terrain that I just walk through instead of on.

If anything, the game has become MORE unplayable after the so called 44 gig “hotpatch”.


Welcome to the club homie i keep giving up then coming back then giving up again after constant crashes and being looted or crash mid fight with someone

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It is becoming unbearable honestly… Even after supporting Funcom and buying the Crom coins and battlepass, I’m also leaning towards uninstalling all their products. The lack of response on these forums is also very aggravating…