Funcom can you fix the crashes already on xbox one

I see all these updates ya do. Yet we STILL have this issue of game crashing on the xbox one. N yes I’ve tried the whole loading up single player. Yes ive reseted my xbox and clear catch. It doesn’t work it’ll run for a few but then the game will crash eventually. This is EVERYDAY funcom… EVERYDAY. My friends and i play on a pve conflict server 2506. N we all have this issue. How can we enjoy exploring, doing dungeans, n fight bosses when we all have to worry about our game crashing in the middle of it. Then our characters and trall end up dead. All cuz of a crash that ya have yet to fixed. I enjoy this game and you could take this report as a grain of salt but it is what it is. I luv the game ya made. I really do. But i can’t enjoy the full aspect of the game with all these crashes. I’m sorry but ya cant expect me to be chill out about this. How long has this game been out. N we still have this issue? Theres no excuse. Please funcom, Fix this already you’re putting out all these updates n theres people that can’t even play the full game on xbox cuz of these crashes.

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