2995 SA crashing everyday

Up up up ignasis. A week later and keeps tjr same problem. U guys are really working to solve this issue. Thanks

Hey there,

G-Portal is still investigating this issue, which seems to point out to a hardware malfunction.

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Xbox here. I’d like to add that my single player or co-op activate game keeps freezing every time I play. The other day I lost 2 hours of progress from a freeze. Made me not want to play anymore losing all i did. I can play as long as I don’t do 2 things. 1. Don’t die. If I die the respawn screen circles infinitely and I have to dashboard to leave the game. 2. Don’t ever turn my game off. I’m unable to exit to main menu because it freezes on load screen. Again as before i have to dashboard and close the app to fix it and lose tons of progress. I have clean installed and cleared the game cache. Still doesn’t work. On my third or fourth remake game and I love this game but I’m won’t be playing til fixed. Also I’ve been bringing more players. Have many former Ark friends and told them this game is much better and challenging. One of them bought it and Yamatai DLC, he is also not playing until fixed. Hopefully gets fixed. Thanks.

I hope the cause of this issue really is the hardware. We are thinking to do a server wype. Destroy every bases in the map. We think could be the server cant renderize the structures.

And now, 02/25 the server is offline for almost 3 hours until now. Maybe gportal is fixing.

Lets wait and see if we can play happy like always. We dont care about bugs, lags and other minor problems. We just want to play like we do before the crashes. Thanks by the feedback @Ignasi.

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Hey @KzErWiNsKi

Those recent offline outages of this server were caused by G-Portal’s investigation. It should be online now, although we still have no status update of their investigation.

Hello, nothing changed since last news. Update: still crashing and stay offline for 15 minutes. This happens because server reset. A question: server can crash because is overload construction? Seems to be this the problem. We play in anothers servers with more buildings than we have in 2995 and never crashes. So i dont know if we have a construction limit. Please let me know.

If we have a limit, i will take out some constructions to test if server stays online like before

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Hey @KzErWiNsKi

G-Portal has been doing some server upgrades, but the issue still seems to persist. We are now investigating if there is something else affecting the server performance. We will get back to you once our team has finished their investigation :slight_smile:

Almost a month later and keeps crashing. 1 month to investigate a major problem? Funcom is really good on his job! Congrats

Hi, fellows any news about the crashes?

@vanch, we might saw a light at the end of the tunel. I cant explain more details because it can happens a exploit. But they are looking a solution for us. @Ignasi, do you have any news for us?

Ps. Sorry by my english. Im really good on making friends and enemys. But my english sucks.

@vanch, maybe we can talk in the game man. I can give you something. Like a spear or a iron axe… lol

Send a big huge to our friend broxa. ( teve q ser em pt pq senão banem a resposta)

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Kkk nice dude, thanks, see you on the game lets play a little on this weekend.

Spears are always welcome. Lol.

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Our team is looking into it and trying to reproduce the issue. We have nothing conclusive to share just yet, but @KzErWiNsKi has shared some interesting details that could help us find the cause for this problem. :slight_smile:


@Ignasi hello. Please fix that problem. I know the devs have a lot of work to do. But this issue dont seems to be hard to fix. Just delete the base or something like that. We could do it. But we cannot login or walk there.

Please. Even you could look that. I know this isnt your function. But if just walk around, logoff and login again it will crash.

Im not asking to ban any player without reason. Im asking to look, try to reproduce then clean that area. We dont care about our stuffs. Just look the log events. You will see how much times we are trying to login. Some of the crash is proposital to avoid atacks. But there is one or another times we just tried to login to play…

I will wait 3 days. Data limit is 13th march. If u dont give us any solution, i will put this on facebook an youtube. Title will be: new bug on conan exiles. How to crash a server and never been atacked.


Hey there,

As stated previously and multiple times, our team is looking into that.
Threatening to post in multiple channels as a way to speed up the process will probably have the opposite result and our team might consider disciplinary action.



You said multiple times they are looking. But more then 60 days to look a problem which i sayd exactly why happens?

All i want is to play a game that i paid for. And the game doesnt work. You said i can be banned. Honestly, i dont care anymore. I asked at least 10 times to look there. Im sure nobody even login at server. Based on this, tomorrow i will post in youtube how to crash the server. To show to everyone the devs dont care about game’s health.

Im sure another people will use this. All i asked is destroy that base or wype the server. U guys just ask time, you are looking and investigate. But dont do nothing.

Thanks very much for nothing. You even done your job.


Hey @KzErWiNsKi

You’re free to destroy your base, but we cannot and will not wipe a server as there’s other people involved that also play on that server.
The issue stems from a massive number of constructions, placeables and thralls that would make any system crawl, PC included.
The two actual solutions are either to destroy the base itself or sections of it voluntarily, or to wait until we release the parity patch, that will include both the building optimizations and some crash fixes that should give a little of a respite in this particular situation.
As per when this patch will be released, we posted an announcement about it yesterday:

I really hope that the fix comes faster, because at this time they are cloning items and crashing the server during the raid time…


We learned a new thing to do with server’s crash. When u have something on LB wheel, it can be duplicated.

Example: put 2 telith in the wheel. When server will to crash, just keep changing between both weapons. When server come back, you will have the 2 telith on hand and 2 more on inventory.

The clan house lannister ( owner of that magic construction and my old clan) are using that thing i had explained you before to duplicated constructions. If they did 200 tier 3 blocks, they duplicate to 400.

I know you guys cant do nothing because havent any proofs. And i understand maybe this isnt the right way to explain, But again i have a question.

This is legal? Because they said they are putting more t3 blocks around base. And today they will test this with avatar coins.

All i want to know after this big story is: altough this can be morally questionable, is it illegal? There is something i can do to prevent this bug? Maybe some place to report this?

Another week with server off…
I really appreciated the support team for doing nothing…

Pvp server without raid really nice…

Anyway thanks for all support that we not received.

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