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***I ask that by gentilize the moderators and developers can correct this bug
this is impossible to play in the raid schedule because the players of the Lanisters tribe are knocking down the server in the raid schedule so that nobody gets raid them

if the moderators and developers log in now on the server 2995 they will confirm that they are knocking down the server

Please use the appropriate way to report this issue from :wink:

When doing so note the following

  • Is this on an official or dedicated server? This is important for finding the right place to report the issue.
  • Is there an error message/a log or something else?
  • A developer will only join, voluntairily, if it concerns a very severe issue and has been reported correctly. This is done in very few cases. There is no ingame moderation on official servers, dedicated servers have an admin.
  • Define “knocking down the server”, what are the actions taken by them and what were you doing?

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For official Server you can use this Form too

Hello. Im at #2995 SA server.

Clan house Lannister is the owner of the magic property. I will explain how they crash the server:

They base is located in 8F. There is a lot of construction there. If someone logout at main base and try to login the server crash. It stay at least 15 minutes offline. Server dont show up in servers list.

This clan is duplicating itens. Like tier 3 construction, weapons and avatar coins. How they do this: put 2 same itens at RL wheel. Ask a friend to login at server. Keep changing between both same itens. Server will crash because friend tried to login. When server restart, they have still both itens at wheel and another 2 in inventory.

House lannister is crashing server as a way to prevent raid in their base. House lannister is crashing server as way to duplicate stuffs.

How some developer or admin can reproduce:
Login at 2995 xbox SA server. Go to 8F base. Logout at floor. Login again. Watch server stay offline until it restart after 15 minutes.

Ps very important. This crash only can be caused by players with Xbox one X. If you have the Xone S or the fat version, this crash doesnt happens at login.

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Avatar coins duplication works! Yesterday more than 140 avatars has been used. Just look at server log.

More than 140 avatar. This is normal? Lol

I think we have a new record here. Im sure nobody in conan hav used so much in same day.

@Ignasis this is what i said before. This crash bug kill this server!


Another information:

Map all is gone. There isnt any on map. Just 2 bed. All points gone. All tier 3 temple dont show at map.

I think the computer host of server will explodes.

The map is ok already, at least the game stop crashing, I hope ^^.
Anyway, a good game killed(too me) just because we have no support.


Another clan FIXED SERVER. I wont say clan’s name. But they are in war against house lannister (owner of the mega base). This clan used 170 avatar against the property. They did your job.

Map is back. Server dont crash anymore.

Say thanks for devs. They are really good on their job.

What we learned with this?

How to duplicate any item on the game.
■■■■■■ dont care about players. They just want to sell dlc. And with dlc it comes more bugs and problems.

Thanks for your (and ours) patience.


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