2nd player can’t equip weapons consistently

Game mode: [Online | Co-op Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: NA

Hi! I’ve been super curious about Conan Exiles for a while, and couldn’t resist the big release. There are lots of things about this game that are amazing! So much ability create and what a rich world! Loving it!

My husband and I are playing co-op multiplayer on PS4. He plays on a regular PS4 and I play on a Pro. We are hoping to get a private server eventually. In the meantime, we have noticed some pretty serious bugs in multiplayer. I’m new here, so I might have missed other discussions on this in my searching, please bear with me.

These bugs occur for the second player. He can’t see terrain sometimes. Rocks, structures, plants… everything is gone from his screen. It doesn’t appear to be that he is reaching the tether range, because it happens even when he is right next to player 1. It requires him to reload to make it so he can see terrain again.

The other issue is potentially more serious and boarders on making the game unplayable. Since the hot fix, he has not been able to consistently equip his weapons from the hot bar. He sees weapons on his screen, but I don’t see the weapons on my screen and when that happens, he does not damage attackers. We only know if he actually has his weapon drawn if I can see it on my screen. He just about rage quit over that. It seems to equip better if he puts up a torch or a skinning knife and then draws his weapon, but not always.

Other things, the lesser wheel of pain keeps turning itself off. Also, people go invisible after we kill them. Not all the time, but often. And in some specific places on the map, it seems that things get glitched and we cannot see chests or structures or damage any enemies. This happens for both 1st and 2nd players.

Thank you for your attention. You’ve got a lot of potential here. I hope we get Nitrado servers soon. (Hint hint)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in to co-op multiplay
  2. Add 2nd character
  3. Equip items to hot bar and test if weapons draw.
  4. Adventure and search for bugs.

Similar experience and same setup (PS4 Slim and I’m on a Pro). My Partner joins my game and we experienced him not being able to see resources where I could. He had to close the game and re-join to see the items. I was with him the whole time so I doubt it was a Tether issue.

Combat Lag is pretty bad too. There was one point where my PS4 Pro froze for 2-3 seconds, then his did the same. Luckily we lived but its pretty aggravating, especially since we’re playing on the same network.

I haven’t done much looking, but I really want to open a dedicated PS4 server on my Gaming PC for just myself and him. Wonder if that is possible though.

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