3.0 DLC not working offline without internet connection mode

Game mode: Single Player/Coop offline no internet connection
Type of issue: Bug
Server Type: Single Player
Region: EU
Mods?: No

Bug Description:
All purchased DLC frmo the Steam store is not working when playing the game in Steam offline mode without an internet connection. The cosmetic DLC does not show up when playing in the Exiled Lands Map. The Isle of Siptah map is inaccesible coming up with a message that you do not own the required DLC to play on this server.

Steps to reproduce.

Isle of Siptah DLC bug

  1. Enter Steam offline mode and launch game
  2. At Main Menu Select SinglePlayer/Co-Op
  3. New Game
  4. Play in single-player
  5. Choose The Isle of Siptah and Play
  6. Game will then go to loading screen and then error message should come up.

Cosmetic DLC bug
Same as Step 1-4 from Isle of Siptah except choose Exiled Lands. All cosmetic DLC will not show up in game.

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Please use this

Greetings MazeGuardian!
Thank you for reporting the situation regarding our newest update not working while offline.

In order to attempt and solve this issue, could you please connect your PC to the internet first, then restart Steam by changing your accounts and finally try to log back in to your account.

Let us know if these steps helped you MazeGuardian.
Thank you for reaching out to us!

Hello. I have tried this but the problem continues. I have checked that all the dlc is checkod on in the Steam DLC tab. Also in the Funcom Launcher all DLC shows as owned. but in game when playing offline, all of the cosmetic DLC is missing in game and this error comes up when trying to load the Isle of Siptah Map in Single Player. I added a screenshot to show the error. Thank you

Thank you for the reply MazeGuardian!
This will be very useful for our team.

Regarding the missing DLC cosmetics, are they accessible in your game but when you use them they don’t show up, or you can’t even access them?

Thanks in advance!

The cosmetic DLC’s don’t show up in the crafting menu at all if playing offline. For example for the armors and weapons they don’t show up at the crafting menu at the workbench to be crafted offline but do show up when playing online.

Hello here the same problem i for example i can play offline base map but cannot siptah , when i play offline base map i need learn again all dlc after exit game and enter again, but online all works , pls fix this.

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