3.0 DLC purchased from Steam store not working in offline mode without an internet connection

Platform: PC
Game Mode: Single player
Issue Type: Bug
Server Type: Offline
Region: EU
Mods: No
Storefront: Steam

Bug Description:

All purchased DLC from the Steam store is not working when playing the game in Steam offline mode without an internet connection. The cosmetic DLC does not show up when playing in the Exiled Lands Map. The Isle of Siptah map is inaccesible coming up with a message that you do not own the required DLC to play on this server.

Bug Reproduction:

Isle of Siptah Bug - Enter Steam offline mode and launch game. At Main Menu Select SinglePlayer/Co-Op. New Game, Play in single-player. Choose The Isle of Siptah and Play. Game will then go to loading screen and then error message should come up.
Cosmetic DLC bug - Same as Steps from Isle of Siptah except choose Exiled Lands. Game will load but all cosmetic DLC will not show up in game.

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Hello , here the same bug , i cannot play siptah in offlnie mode . This should never be the case , whats funny there was no this bug in testlive.

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