3.0 Perks - My opinion

Here is my opinion on a few perks, that are either too weak or a must have.

20 Strength - Crushing Swings: 25% is not noticable. Should be at least 50%.
20 Strength - Blood-mad Berserker: Nobody wants to stay below 25% HP because of how the healing works. Unless you get 50-75% damage reduction instead of only 50 bonus armor.

15 Agility - Quickfooted: It is kinda a must have. If you don’t have it, others will outrun you. It is a cool thing that you are faster, but kinda mandatory. So 15 points will always go into agility with a PvP build. Though instead of removing the bonus speed, I suggest to…

15 Grit - Defensive Posture: … increase this perk’s damage reduction to 30% or 25%.

5 Grit - Tenacity: Just fix the bug that the bonus stamina gets lost after dying or speccing into agility.

20 Vitality - Glutton for Punishment: The cooldown needs to be higher than 15 seconds. 45-60 seconds maybe?

Agility should also help with bow accuracy. Or tie this to higher tiers of bows. You know, the better the bow, the easier it is to shoot and aim.

20 Expertise - Beast of Burden: I was never a fan of this perk. It allows you to run off with your base. People will hate me for that that I wish it to be removed and exchanged with a +250 to carry capacity perk.

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With the healing at the moment I disagree on this one. Still possible to kill someone with it pretty fsst if you land your hits.

In my opinion last stand perk is more broken since there is a big chance to get 50% health. Survive 1 min and get that one again and be pretty much immortal. It removes stagger also so you can just run away even while getting hit.

I dont think bows needs more accuracy tbh. They still hitting like a tank higher damage than live.
So before a dmg nerf I dont see it should get higher acc.

Rest i kinda agree on.

Chances are if someone hits you with a bow they’re standing still. Making it so the reticule spread from movement gets lessened with skill investment (like it used to be) wouldn’t change that at all.

Just that you do 250-400 dmg with bow. If you land a heavy hit. Light attack also deal like 100-150 dmg and also no stam cost at all. GL

i think that last stand seems to be stronger too. it saved me a lot when i was testing pvp.

i think that he is talking about scalling accuracy with agility atribute.
until 2.8, each point on accuracy attribute, changes your accuracy while shooting arrows, but i think it was removed on 3.0.

i agree, but it shouldn’t proc while shooting arrows :joy:

Crushing swings is really disappointing. it should make a big difference, but it doesn’t.
Blood-mad berserker su**s because it is ANOTHER berserker perk with the same (below xx HP, gain yyy). It’s like strenght-based chars are crazy kamikazes who will swing blows without dodging.

With target lock, i feel that Agility build will be the most effective. the ICBM Bow + target lock Daggers from hell when melee ^^

Isn’t agility meant to do that? Or does it only affect damage? Does everyone in 3.0 have the same accuracy?

The talk about accuracy isn’t anything to do with damage scaling. When you move the reticule spreads out. Before 3.0 points in accuracy would lessen this effect. Now that no such attribute exists, Funcom apparently forgot to transfer this effect to agility (I’m assuming that if it was an intentional change they would have told us). When you move the targeting reticule essentially vanishes and your shot will fly off in a roughly 90 degree cone in front of you hitting nothing unless it’s in point-blank range. On foot, this isn’t too big a deal as you can mainly just stop and shoot fairly quickly to mitigate the accuracy loss though it’s not ideal.

On horses is another matter entirely and unless they want to be gimped using weapons with no bonus damage from stats, mounted combat is effectively useless as bows are the only agility weapon usable from horseback.


I need to test that again. I thought this comes only from the blood mad berserker perk.

But yeah, this perk is a show stopper when you get focused by several people, giving you more space to get to safety. You can still interrupt potions when the shield is on.

Maybe they need to swap that, as I already kinda mentioned. Blood mad berserker gets a 50-75% damage reduction, when below 25% HP and the last stand gives you 150 bonus armor.

Yes they hit harder but it felt more like “pray’n spray” for me. Maybe more accuracy (aka reduce reticule spread) but then also reduce damage?

Oh yes of course. Good point! Only for melee weapons should be the restriction then.

Horses are actually pretty useless in 3.0.

With a bow you can kill the horse with few shots.
Depending on situation, the horse is dead before it reaches you.

Another thing they could change is the arrow trajectory. It flies through 2 quadrants or more (i don’t remeber). It’s like the char have the strenght of a god and the bow is indestructible.

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