Some pvp and item rework suggestions

  • strength perks that increase damage, shouldn’t work with agility weapons (berserker perks should not work with a bow, etc.)
  • agility perks that increased damage and penetration, shouldn’t work with strength weapons (for example great axes can kill now with 2 hits cuz of free penetration.)
  • 3 agility perk should not provide “light” running speed. “Fast” running bonus speed should be activated after 2 seconds of continuous sprinting. At the moment, the movement of the players is too jerky.
  • rework javelin. This may be a good 1h agility weapon, smthing like short spear for agility players. Remove throwing ability and leave 1 javelin in stuck. change the light attack animation (or just increase it) and add heavy attacks. remove throwing from a special attack. throwing axes are enough for throwing. The blacksmiths must increase dmg etc for crafted javelins. Allow using javelins on horses.
  • add the posibility of enchanting the claws and javelins.
  • add special attacks for short sword + throwing axe and dart + throwing axe.
  • rework the hyper armor value for all special attacks of weapons with throwing axes and shields. At the moment, they are interrupted by literally all attacks. Because of what, they are practically useless in combat.
  • add full animation interrupting for players with charging bow or add auto-firing after getting hit in charged bow.
  • slightly(!) reduce attack range, and increase daggers hitbox.
  • add crafting claws (at least from star metal) on exiles lands
  • increase the damage of all legendary weapons dropped from bosses in unnamed city, so they will be relevant with crafted weapons.
  • update drop and item parameters from old dungeons like Warmaker
  • for all weapons that before 3.0 had a bonuses - add a same bonus to damage, hp etc. For example, +5 Strength = +5% str Weapon Damage. +5 vitality = +50 hp. etc.
  • decrease speed, turn speed and increase hitbox for summoned bat’s
  • fix bug with abyssal bow (there is no abyssal arrows in dmg calculation when we summon bow. Need to add arrow summoning or fix dmg calculation.)
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I’ve seen this suggested before. But I believe it is intended. If I’m using primarily agility weapons, then the Strength attribute would be utterly worthless. I believe perks being viable outside their attribute isn’t a bad idea and can lead to a dispersion of builds.

We unfortunately don’t have that now, but this has many other reasons causing this. I’ve said this in another discussion, just this morning actually, that if all perks were removed, the meta build would still be preferred.

My idea for the perk Quick Footed is that it should be moved to Grit. Its way too powerful to be on either Strength or Agility at the moment.

I think the best thing for Javelins is to give them normal light and heavy attacks. But not entirely removing throwing. The block/kick/special button should block when a shield is equipped, throw axes if they are equipped, and throw the javelin when that hand is empty. Basically mimic the mod made by Multigun. I don’t agree with Throwing axes being the only throwing weapon. We should have options here. The more the merrier.

Is this illusions? If claws can’t be illusioned with other claws, then a bug report is needed. Javelins probably can’t because they are consumable, like arrows.

I can agree with that. I’d like to see them useable while mounted too.

I’m gonna let someone who knows how to read the animation stuff in the devkit comment on that. My experience with these sort of weapon combinations aren’t exactly the same as yours. But I’d like to have more concrete data on the situation before making a comment.

I will say this though, if they have absolutely no hyper armor when they should, then that should be fixed.

This has a major effect on PVE and would be a hammer where a scalpel is needed. The general consensus is an issue with attribute stat bonuses and perks. A more elegant solution would be to decrease stamina when struck while charging. Which could potentially cause openings and more tactical gameplay.

This was done about 1 or 2 patches ago (not counting today).

Maybe, though legendaries across the board need a bit of a revamp. I do think these weapons need to be on par with crafted weapons. But need special perks to them. Some do, and some of these need to be rebuffed in some ways. Those that don’t have anything need stat bonuses (stuff like +health, +weapon damage, +stamina, etc.).

I wouldn’t do this for all weapons. As much as I miss the +5 Strength from things like Axe of the Lion. These weapons are easily obtainable at low (potentially at like level 5) levels. The difficulty and risk doesn’t come anywhere close to the reward, even in their current state. There’s videos showing runners getting these weapons on a fresh character/map within 12 minutes of starting.

These things are already pretty slow.

I’ll need to test this, but if you are referring to the Stat page, no arrow on any bow shows up there. Its a visual bug and doesn’t reflect the real damage. I haven’t verified this with the summoned bow and its arrows yet though.

nice idea but anyway - conan netcode is bad for fast moving in pvp. and need remove this perk or give it only for max sprint speed (after 2 sec).

it not about illusion. its about equipment upgrades (kits\mods)

nice variant too

yes but it is problem of world bosses. too easy to kill. i dont know why they give possibility to open chests on low lvl. and not on 60 lvl.

no, i tested it 1000 times.
just summon bow and hit someone on local server. then spawn arrow in inventory and dmg will increase. without arrow dmg is worst then with dragonbone bow…

They actually reduced our speed with the patch that added it. With it we move at pre-3.0 speeds.

I have mixed feelings on this. If a level 10 can kill something, they should be rewarded for it. The issue of course… is a level 10 can kill something. But if they can’t, its going to reduce the number of 60s who can complete the content. I don’t have an issue with this, but it is something that will need to be considered. Especially since these things are out and about.

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