3.0 vitality with corrupted vitality

OK so going through the numbers if I get 20 vit and choose the level 20 perk that has the less than 50% health gives me loads of buffing fun to ignore your puny lance attack…

AND get the level 15 corrupted perk to where I get X HP/Y amount of time regen and have my corruption to 37.5% reduction of HP/STam (level 15 corrupted perk and if full corrupted 20 attribute =50% then math follows that each corrupted perk point is 2.5 % off healthy/stam) does this mean that I get hit one or twice and I get my vit 20 buff on and heal up to cross that 50% threshold quickly so that if I get hit again, it repeats?

Asking for a min maxer friend.

Or rhinos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You will find out soon enough once it gets to TestLive :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all,

In case you didn’t know, I’m a console so no testlive fun for me :cry:

But I my min-maxing friend can give you all a fun list to try out.

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I can try out it for you, once testlive is available.


YEA! TY. I will probably start a thread when it comes out in TL for Q&A some a sizable amount of us are now console (i remember back in the day we were the insignificant minority)

Ive got like 5 builds i want to test, been staring at all the stuff we know

Honestly I hope you can’t not achieve the same Stam and Vit (HP) numbers pre corruption as this is the primary cost you pay for your new powers.

You cant, you just get a couple buffs n things like that… from the looks of things i can almost see this going a bit rock paper scissors in terms of what build will destroy what, just a little more skill in this game than most rock paper scissors games

Maxed dps builds will probably hate the cant receive more than 25% of your hp in damage perk
Shield builds will probably hate str weapons

Good imo, choices and consequences . I hope there are a few builds more even that challenge the silly min/max “meta” game that many other games fall prey too.

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Im sure something will be “meta” but its looking like some things will have a natural advantage over others in kind of a circle, provided the numbers and how they work pan out

20 competitive builds is the benchmark when a game that requires pvp is fully balanced out.

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Now that we have 2 weapon stats its a very good start, especially now that all the stats have multiple effects


Agreed. On the 20 builds that is the benchmark and after that tons of space to branch off for not max damage builds but ones that also allow mobility or just straight up tank/turtle build. I hope we get afleast 3 more debuffs but more controlled than the bleed/poison disaster pvp was in for awhile there. I think the devs have learned from that and have been course correcting for sometime now.

I would like some reactive armor also (spikes and the like) . Maybe some temp corruption producing armor one hit or if you stay too close too long. Personally I would like to see some illusion sorcery for building pieces to come along or maybe and alchemical camo for buildings so you don’t need to go down the sorcery road .

Give me some Orb combat like the old days baby! Imagine grease orbing and use your torch to light them up or just straight demon fire orb them. Orbs need to come back and maybe some new ones please ?

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They did say they were gonna buff fire orbs again, i personally always carry a stack of gas for situational use

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I do as well . I live grease also for literally giving someone the “slip”.

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