Can player corruption builds be poisoned?

Can anyone let me know if player corruption builds can be poisoned or have bleed apply to them. Please and thank you!

If they have the 3rd corrupted vitaly perk, then no.

From the wiki:

But without that perk, they can be poisoned.


Thank you for the tip

Yeah I always go with the perk because I think its worth it. Most folks dont go with vitality as the main reason to corrupt so the question is whether or not it’s worth the effort to corrupt it.

You got to figure that you are probably already max corrupted due to your primary reason of corrupted perks. Because of that, you are looking at 50% reduction in vitality anyways. So long store short, the standard vitality perk is +100 hp that is actually been reduced to 50 hp due to the corruption that already is on you. So is 50 hp worth being imune to poison, bleed, disease and sunder? I say yes. Especially when you realize you are also gaining 3 health regeneration effect on top of that.

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