Is it just me or is corrupted vitality counterproductive?

It seems worse than regular vitality

I was hoping that the rate of health regen would have made it a bit more worth it (like 1corrupted point=1 hp/sec) so in essence you are trading total amount of HP with a smaller amount that heals significantly faster. From what I understand, it’s about 5hp/sec at max amount.

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Faster passive health regen, deflecting damage, total immunity to bleed, poison, and sunder; and dealing aoe damage is worse?

Lol ok

It lowers your health though, so in the middle of a 1v1 you have your max health cut in half

I think corrupted is better. I’m essentially immortal. But I was almost immortal without them too so…

And I believe those who gear specifically for 1v1 don’t pick that :smiley:
That’s like saying… using a truncheon in a pvp fight doesn’t work as well as using a weapon…
There isn’t supposed to be a build that’s “better” for every activity, so pick the build that’s best for the activity you’re doing, for example it would be a hassle trying to do lots of farming with 0 expertise

Max grit. Cant take more than 25% of your max hp in a hit. Or corrupted 15 str if you’re brave for wrack.


Yea been trying this, pretty fun honestly. I usually only get the first 2 corrupt vit perks. 3rd and 4th dont seem to be worth it at all. Poison/bleed barely do any dmg now, sunder idgaf about. The 4th perk i havnt tried in pvp so im curious on the aoe dmg output against players but i doubt its impressive, and the aoe corruption spread is useless in pve, pvp again, could be alright.
Any corrupted build should def take a look at the last grit perk for the 25% max dmg, combine that with either glutton for punishment or last stand with the corrupted vit damage negate and youre still pretty survivable. Good luck on that stam management though without jhil gloves, yikes.

That seems to be the major conundrum, to me. If i corrupt one stat fully or mostly, it feels less than its uncorrupted state, when that happens theres lots of good combos to cou ter act that stuff, but the problem is corrupted stats rely on uncorrupted stats to function, essentially leaving the corrupted stats weaker in a 1v1 than not corrupting at all

I could be wrong on this since theyve made like 3 patches since but, when i initially tested strength for instance, it was a gain but the gain was about 20 damage per swing without armor in the equation, at that point the 50% hp back would be better since the procs didnt proc often enough to make it worth it and the other perks were very situational at best like mule kick, only worked on certain weapons and only on humans at that

Swing for swing on most the builds i tried uncorrupted defeated corruption flat out

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