350 hours played and my 30 suggestions that came from it

Hello funcom, thank you for the great game


  1. Make the player the hero and increase gameplay by cutting thrall hp/dmg by half but allow players to control two thralls (and a horse) at the same time. This would make individual thralls weaker than players in damage while also allowing players to utilize thrall combinations to increase gameplay variety.

  2. Let players have more control of their environment by making it far easier to see information. This can be accomplished a number of ways; add your followers stats in the UI at all times (in the same way the horses stats are visible while you ride them), add settings options to make nameplates/hp bars always visible (possibly only for npcs to make stealth a possibility in pvp still)

  3. Remove griefing in pve and pve-c servers by making thralls immune to palisades on those servers. The intention of thralls is for their decay timer to be longer than buildings but players who are not supposed to be able to hurt player owned thralls can get around this by placing palisades next to thralls that are on unclaimed grounds.

  4. Remove the main reason players are killing abandoned thralls. This can be done by making the decay timer shorter for thralls than it currently is.

  5. Make pets useful, his can be done a number of ways without turning them into fuzzy thralls. One option can be to let players control one thrall, one mount and one animal pet at the same time.

  6. One complaint I’ve seen with animal pets is there is no healing arrow for them. Though this would aid in them being competitive I think a better option is to give the animal pets a ‘bond’. This bond would work as a unique buff to the player character that fits with that type of animal (for example Wold: Pack tactics, increase damage for the player and followers by 5% while this pet is following)

  7. Make archery builds viable by reducing the weight of arrows. You should not be unable to collect your rewards because of weight capacity because you are weighted down by 1000 arrows (this is particularly bad for early game when players cant throw points in encumbrance)

  8. Make agility useful by either making its effect on rolling more significant or have agility increase run speed by a small amount (like .1% per point)

  9. Make grinding materials less of a grind. In some cases this is done very well, black ice requires going to dangerous areas to gather and can be farmed while doing a dungeon, star metal requires a bit of planning and a lot more of searching, obsidian requires refining in a dungeon, but stone is… well very boring. Right now the best spot is in the scorpion queen’s mine but that is the only location like that and with many people on the server all wanting stone it might be a good idea to add stone ‘hot spots’ to other dungeons or future dungeons.

  10. Another issue with grinding is not all grinds are equal. Grinding a handful of insects, stone, wood, etc can be easily harvested with superior tools. Mushrooms however are nearly impossible to harvest this way. please make them easier to hit with tools or make a way to farm them in a planter or planter like object.

  11. I’m sure this is planned but I will suggest it anyway, add more mounts to the game.

  12. Add a new type of pet/feats, ‘Demonology’. This could be done by adding a new crafting station and moving the witch doctor feat’s creations into that station as well. At this station players can use brimstone/different types of blood/rare components to summon demons (bats, panthers, spiders, etc)

  13. Add a stasis option for players who know they will be away from the game for a long time. This option would allow players to access a personal bank for them to put a VERY limited amount of items in to keep safe. To keep it from being abused a time lock can be on this feature where you must make an item and place it and it takes a while to activate before items can be placed safely into it and then a timer for how long the object exists in the world before it and the items inside go into ‘stasis’

  14. Boats! Nothing fancy but we do have mounts so the capacity is there for small one person vehicles for traveling on the river or lakes. This could be done by making it cost wood/shaped wood/insulated wood, and must be created in a body of water and can not be picked up after. To keep it from junking up the server i would suggest giving it a limit of one per player and have it share a decay timer with any allied buildings that are around it.

  15. Armor stands. Great for showing off your unused wardrobe or for placing next to a window to taunt wannabe raiders with your valuables. Add armor stands into the game that you can equip you armor onto similar to the weapon and shield wall objects.

  16. Permanent tattoos. I love the customization of tattoos, I love that some give buffs. I hate that they are difficult to make and only last 30 minutes. Please extend the time they last for a lot longer or until the player dies. This will make survival a bit more of a fun challenge.

  17. Make corpses last longer in dungeons. I love your dungeons, I wish i did more of them but one bad lag spike and I die to the environment and since the respawns are 15min I have to run past enemies while potentially naked. This was somewhat fine before when the chase distance was relatively short but now its much harder to escape chasing enemies.

  18. Fix the issue causing thralls to not do damage sometimes if the player isn’t close enough to their target. There are so many times since the last patch I’ve sent a thrall to attack a target with the new system only to be confused when its been 30 seconds and the thrall hasnt killed the low lvl npc and when i run up to tap the target its taken no damage. I understand if this is a feature to keep players engaged in their thralls combat but sometimes you send your thrall to different enemies than the ones you yourself are attacking causing your thrall to suddenly become useless.

  19. Add a ‘Snap to center of tile’ feature for building for objects that dont currently snap to other objects. This feature could be implemented similar to the middle mouse button auto allign feature.

  20. allow for removing thrall comands from being part of the use function. Gathering baby animals is very difficult when you send your thrall to keep mama busy while you chase her young and every time you try to pick up the pet and miss you instead command your thrall to move.

  21. remove impossible journey steps from appearing in the top right. Beating the game (and deleting your character) is never possible to complete without well deleting your character. Additionally summoning avatars when it is not possible to summon them is a bit annoying to see the suggestion for.

  22. Add in game face/hair customization without restarting your character. Sometimes you want a haircut or facial reconstruction and dont want to lose all your progress.

  23. Make temperature protection actually protect rather than heat/cool. If i have high frost protection it should not cause me to bake alive. Make it so the effect is minimized outside the environment it is supposed to protect for.

  24. make thralls take reduced damage from lava so they can be used in the volcano with extreme caution rather than their current state of ‘they will die’.

  25. if kiln’s are described as being decorative make the improved furnace share its increased smelting speed.

  26. increase drop rates from bosses across the board. killing the red mother 100+ times and not seeing the bow drop once is just not fun.

  27. give player thralls a ui option for truncheons, allowing them to prefer non-lethal damage for elite targets (t4) while not attempting to use non-lethal on targets that can not be knocked out

  28. make stability more stable. I have a tower where parts of it seem to spontaneously break but I can rebuild without changing anything to its stability.

  29. Better rewards for more complicated foods. The feasts look like fun but the bonuses for eating them just don’t seem the be worth the effort.

  30. let thralls that have been modified in their appearance through dlc still poop in animal pens. I’d love to upgrade my rocknoses but if i do they no longer poop gold.


Thanks for this post. Well thought out suggestions. It covers a lot of things that are often suggested by the community. We just need to keep letting our voices be heard.

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