4 Players Quitting

The game is very thin when you look at it from the top. For those of us who played in EA, the end-game content that was supposed to come after release is missing and there is really nothing keeping the player interested once they’ve done the “dungeons” (often shallow snooze-fests of “bosses” who are only too easy to kill). The four of us are quitting, take our money and run Funcom. A few parting shots:

  • The POI experience made us all 60 but now Funcom is going to nerf it? That only hurts new players trying to level up to match the 10-man guilds in full Silent Legion/Teliths
  • Silent Legion armor… what to say? The OUTSTANDING diversity in the various armors made it so your choice of what to wear meant something… until you did the Black Keep.
  • PvE is boooooooring, mobs have zero threat to anyone relatively well-geared. Some bosses get staggered and are just time-sinks with no interesting mechanics before you get their key to open another box containing a weapon inferior to those which you can craft, and other bosses have broken collision frames that it makes no sense not to farm the “working” ones to get keys.
  • PvP is zero stakes… if I don’t like the way the fight is going I can always just run away. Cool? You will never kill a good player in PvP.
  • The main quest line deletes my character. That’s just lazy - There are very few people that delete characters they’ve spent many, many hours on but this is the end-game solution. Let it be known: to win Conan Exiles you have to stop playing it (and never want to come back now that your stuff’s all gone).

Let me be clear, Funcom has done an AMAZING job cleaning up the bugs in the code. Having played since the beginning of EA and the sloppy mess of spilled cereal EA was, it is a credit to Funcom’s development team to see how far they’ve come. That being said, this game called for more experienced engineers. It is clear this game was most if not all of the development team’s first experience with Unreal 4. To not know how the engine loads the terrain and to have that inexperience cost players the “mounts” feature for the foreseeable future is inexcusable. The original combat system was extremely short-sighted and further cost players an unknown amount of content depth due to the technical debt the developers had to come back and address. Revamping a combat system halfway through development is no easy task, sure, and the developers should be proud of their effort, but having the whole thing poorly planned from the beginning is the problem that should be highlighted here. Too often is effort praised while the problems that required such effort overlooked. Let me put it this way: if I spill my beer on the carpet but clean it up really well, should I be proud of myself?

I played Age of Conan in its own beta and Gaute Godager’s game had the same problems as Conan Exiles: bugs and depth. REH’s Conan is a big, big hero who lives in a big, big world, but sadly Conan is simply too big an IP for Funcom to handle and I think they’ve proven it again with Conan Exiles. I’d prefer they relinquish their rights on the IP to a more experienced studio so we can have a Conan game that lives up to his name.


Let them finish the parity patch. Maybe now they can start doing game balancing. They have already said multiple times that they want to fix the crashing and performance before touching Balance issues. >_>

These are very good reasons to take a break from the game. Hope Funcom listens to your feedback, and that you and your buds return someday.

For such a long development period Conan is suprisingly void of any content. You have to be heavily into roleplaying to enjoy the game for more than a week.

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PvE-C kicks a$$!

With these slow coming patches, where most of the patch notes are just lies about fixing X or Y, it’s just a matter of (short) time until the majority will leave. And now that i remember about Age of Conan, you know the saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. This is the last time i spend money on a game made by Funcom.

Not for nothing but if you think POI farming is the only/best way to PL someone to 60, you’re doing it wrong. Their nerfing of the already piddly xp for POI discovery will not affect levelling by much.

A clan can literally make a levelling factory where a player can stand in 1 spot and go from level 6 to 60 in very little time. Boring, yes, but highly efficient.

I keep blue screening outside my base, 60 minutes of logging in and bluescreening… i have a ps4 PRO FUNCOM. wtf are you guys doing with your lives. fix your pathetic attempt of a survival game please.

I believe that Funcom wants us to quit after 30 days, at least quit the public servers. They don’t want us to pay $30 up front and then play the game for free for the next 10 years on a public server. They want us to lvl to 60 quickly through the journey system, discover everything there is to discover, do everything there is to do, get bored and move on making room on the public servers for new players to pay their $30 and do the same. They called it a new genre of game. I would call it a flow through game. They don’t need to be constantly adding new public servers to serve an ever expanding public player base that only pays once to play the game yet they need a constant inflow of cash to pay for the public servers that are necessary for a basic level of public play.

I have to say that I’ve played the game from the start and was looking forward to the new content in the forest area, I went to the east coast and built a base near the east end of the city, and then started to explore.

Without looking up any info I had discovered virtually everything within a couple of hours including the Palace of the Witch Queen and the camps, etc.

The only one I couldn’t handle solo at level 38 was the Witch Queen, but if this is all the new content and 90% of it can be done in one play session, most of which was spent building a base I don’t know what I’m going to be doing in a couple of weeks.

I really expected more stuff to find in a whole new area.

Note that Steel Reinforcement XP was stealth-nerfed a few patches ago…

I agree with everything you’ve said. I’m in the same situation as you. Your post is something that FC should read and take to heart.

I will add the caveat though, that I absolutely feel I’ve gotten plenty of entertainment value out of the $30 I spent. The game is not at all what I’d hoped it would be or what it could have been, but I do not feel like I’ve wasted my money.

The map alone is almost GTA-like in sheer size and quality. True, there isn’t a whole lot to “do” but it’s just plain fun to build Minecraft style in this Conan universe. Would be nice to have missions or other fun things to do with friends, but PvP is and always will be a hot mess in anything other than first-person shooters.


Well I’m not going to sit here and lie, fanboying Funcom despite my praise for this game - you are correct and have very valid points. Can’t argue against any of them.

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shrugs and continues playing


This post exists for every game ever created…that had a forums/message board associated with the game.

i have the same feeling as OP.

when you are alpha clan and all 60. only thing to do is raid other base, but after 2-3 days theire is no base left to raid on server so you have to restart on another server or wipe your server.

that why official server pvp blitz was important.

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So you won, time to retire from the game and stop being the alpha dog.

So u became alpha, destroyed everyone and in doing so destroyed ur server as no one wants to play there?

Maybe don’t be a douche lol, stop wiping everyone that joins

I am not planning on quitting anytime soon, but I am 100% with you on every point. I hope the game’s ‘released’ status does not forfeit all the needed changes you have mentioned.

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