400,000 eyeballs seeking a game they can already get from Conan

Aye but I was more referring to during the time between the launch of Siptah and now. Especially following the shortening of the animation, ie-the last 2-3 months.

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Lmao who cares about what any of us think . Games dead . It’s very simple as that steam numbers are nothing when the players aren’t playing long term . People play this game one month max and never play it again . When you have more private servers than players. That’s a big problem lmao good luck to all . Can’t believe people still play or defend this game .

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Everyone has a right to an opinion. You feel the game is dead. Others feel the game is doing fine.

Survival games are typically for many players not a every day game anyway, unlike MMORPGs tend to be. I seen players play at periodic frequency which is fine. Nothing wrong with that.

I personally think the game is doing fine. They have an average of 10k+ Steam players online at the same time daily which is decent number of players. Do some servers have zero players good chunk of times, sure. With so many servers, that is bound to happen. (Granted some are test servers for mods and such)

I have 3 servers and 1 is usually populated (4 are on at the moment) and the other 2 tend to be quiet (zero on at the moment). This is excluding me since not logged in the game. Nothing wrong with that either, people want to play on a particular map.

The 2 Official servers I play on, I see go from 2 to 14+ players online, depending on the time / day it is. (Granted, I do not play on the official servers during prime time so it could be higher).

Overall, is this game a huge hit. No. Is this game doing fine. Yes.

Any game will take a hit this month with New World out. People are testing a new game if they like it or not. ESO population is much lower than normal as well for example.

Does anyone else find the idea of 400,000 eyeballs actively seeking a game kinda horrifying?

I mean, how?

What happened to their bodies?

So many questions…


I would love to have a 10% of these eyeballs on Conan exiles. Not for me but for the company. Every company needs money to be healthy, no matter what this company is. You need an amount to stay alive and one amount to invest. I believe 40.000 new players would give a big breath to this game. The funny thing is that this game deserves so much more, but even 40.000 more players would be good. I am not saying this because I am a lover of this game, I am a lover of decades of titles the past 35 years of my gaming life. I don’t believe it’s the programming issue, neither the games problem so much, though it really needs a proper ending, a rewarding ending, all the gamers love the ending of the game. I believe the game has promotion issues, I don’t know a lot of gamers, gaming sellers, knows the existence of this game in my Country. Whenever I speak to them about Conan exiles their reactions are similar… What’s this game, never heard of it. And when I present them pictures of the game from my self phone they stop and stare always, always.
Whow man they say, it must be cool!
It is, it is… (I answer)
It is really sad that gamers can’t see, really sad.
One day, I hope, one day.


I can practically hear Yog worshippers salivating…


To all fairness Conan had a higher playerbase at launch. Where did all the players go? Why did they not stay and continued playing? Why did the number of players did not increase after May 2018? You people pretty talk this game so much, yet the reality shows it’s trash. Because people are not playing it.

Alive game = keep and/ or increase player base since launch

Someone better go tell Iron Gate that Valheim is dead.

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Valheim is a good example as well.

Though Valheim is an Indie game without official servers and focuses on PvE/Coop play.

Conan Exiles comes from Funcom who claim to be a AAA company and it was initially advertised as a survival sandbox game with PvP elements. At early access launch only PvP servers existed. Pure PvE was implemented later.

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It’s also the poster child for most of the “Conan Exiles is Dead” crowd. Seriously, though, if you look at the Conan Exiles chart on that same site you quoted – and make sure the chart is set to “all time”, not just last X days – you’ll see that it’s had peaks and valleys, but it’s growing slowly.

So I’ll remain skeptical of the claims it’s dead or even dying. Let’s have 6 months of the same trend we’ve seen over the last 2, without any change, and then I might join the “this game is dying” chorus. Until then, I’ll just trust the numbers and remain aware of the fact that it’s perfectly reasonable for a game to grow slowly.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m not one of those people that consider that I’ve “lost” money that I could have earned but didn’t. In that same vein, I don’t think that a game has to either grow spectacularly fast or be considered a failure.

Given its slow growth in fits and starts, could we say Conan Exiles is a niche game? Maybe, and I would be fine with that, too. I chose Conan Exiles and not Rust or Ark, and there’s a reason for that. If my taste is niche, so be it, I’m happy that there’s a game for my niche tastes :wink:


To all fairness, show me a game that did not have a higher playerbase at launch. I mean that seriously, what game did NOT have a higher playerbase at launch? That is such a bogus argument to make it’s not even worth the effort to make.

Wait, you expect people to look at factual data and form logical conclusions? Pure hogwash! Why do that when you can take tiny little snippets in order to skew the perspectives in order to further your own narrative?

Oh stop being rational already…


This is the best example of why the game is chaotic in its balancing.

  1. Players were to be your biggest threat, which is why the NpC combat is non intuitive and more a button mash hp battle. AI can’t fix a foundation where players were to engage other players and thralls were just farming and expeblndable resources.
  2. The game deviated towards building as the main mechanic.
  3. Losing resources is more of 8ssue with yourself. Meaning of you farm it, you pretty much have it as long as you refresh decay.
  4. Avatars, a main draw on early access ads, was gone for almost a year and hasn’t really been what was advertised.
  5. All this is from a lack of st8cking to one path and growing it.

Sarcasm at its best.

… yes, I am watching this thread… :slight_smile:


I have a different memory of it, but I only go back to April of 2017. Back then the combat was frenetic, poorly formed and evolving quite rapidly. This made it hella fun for PvP and PvE.

At one point, around when they made the Khopesh a novelty item, PvE was so tough the uproar was inevitable, and swift. It was a blissful 4 weeks of hard-bark playtime. So it’s fluctuated.

When Oscar, Joel and Jens-Erik were gleefully rolling out the new combat system, we knew it would take some time. I have to tell you, for the first time it actually feels like we just flip some sliders and let’s go. It’s very satisfying. I’m enjoying the crap out of the katana and the new dual-handers. This system has a lot LOT going for it.

Your, and many good PvP players’ opinions will help move those sliders. I hope it’s not wrong to say that, I simply feel like we’ve hit an actual stage of evolution here.

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That’s what we need more of. Improving weapons like the katana. Not nerfing everything into oblivion but improving things to give more options and to make the overall experience more enjoyable for everyone.


I was more referencing the actual video. It seems goals changed when it came pen to paper so to speak.

I agree, but in reality DoT poison is still tilted, and they have yet to balance a scissors paper rock to all weapons. Not that one should not have to have skill, but a majority of all battles is still just hp long game. Very little back and forth, esp. if you decide to try different weapons without poison DoT.



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EDIT: This post was a reply to a specific post that got deleted. The post and the question in it were directed at one specific person. Please don’t take it as an attack directed at everyone who has grievances with this game, because it wasn’t that.

Okay, so let me see if I got this right. You believe that:

  • the game is dead
  • the base game is trash
  • PVP sucks
  • the game is so boring that not even mods can make it interesting
  • everyone should go play New World, because it’s better

If all of that is true, then why are you here?

I know I’m here because I think Conan Exiles is a game I’ve enjoyed for quite a while and I would like it to improve. If I thought it was irredeemable, I wouldn’t stay around and troll everyone else. Nor would I stay to beg the devs to make it free – hell, I wouldn’t want to be paid to pay a game that’s as bad as you say this one is.

So if the game sucks, and the devs suck, and the community sucks, and everything sucks, why are you still here?

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Please keep your post on the topic, constructive, and productive to the conversation. Yes, I am watching this thread.

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