48 hours on funcom forums for CE my P.O.V

I get the bad feeling that this post will be reported and taken down like so many who, before I came to this site, came here to pass the information on bugs glitches possible exploits that required some degree of attention.

I also noted that if it’s a recurring bug or glitch in the official servers, it virtually gets ignored. But bugs reported for private paying servers or single-player bugs are receiving immediate attention.
From my knowledge official servers, like in any online game, are supposed to be THE number one source of income for a gaming company and they also reflect the well being of a game…but every time someone shows the Funcom team for CE that something is broken or just plain game-breaking… it automatically gets shut down, downright ignored or met with disdain and immediate trolling or using semantic play to discredit said bug claiming that it is not happening for them…

Yet, a majority of people who have made reports on bugs are staggering in number and the same bugs have been coming and going all year long every year since the game was launched. Every time someone made a post about it was greeted with “sugar-coated hostility” or outright mockery.
I even noted some posts from various players, i only dug for around 3-4 hours on this because I deemed it as a waste of time to dig further, after seeing the same type of bugs to be a recurring loop of fix and break, to be met with ridiculous comments from people working for the company, because they pointed out that the same bugs and game-breaking glitches were recycled over and over
how does the Funcom team expect the game to thrive any longer when it just ignores everything

also I’m starting to suspect that you are not allowed to say that there is something wrong and everything must look perfect and anything disrupting this so-called “perfection” deserves to be forced down in the gutter.

If the developers, scripter, coders, forum admin or anyone in here cannot handle a critic, comment or suggestion ,even if it’s from a member seeking to help the community to fix something, or someone saying something: salty, sugar-coated to the point where it’s simply a comment dipped in “western diet” or just a slight suggestion that can help the game and they get hurt from reading it… they need to step down and put someone who will be able to handle it. worst case someone whos had enough time to build his emotional shell.
sry if it hurt people, but I believe it had to be said.

english is not my main language, i truely hope this wont hurt anyones feelings that a non english person said this.


also before replying to me that the game is in great shape…
after looking at the player connection from steam, since it is the only available source of information related to the amount of players in the game… everytime CE made some progress was during free week ends and the game received alot of new players that left after the free week ends were over and thousand more left shortly after that event. many others have left due to nothing being fixed.
Like big dave and codemage pointed out CE has lost 7000 players since the last big patch prior to name plates for exiles, rendering and server stability.

7000 players in 3 months gone.

people have suggested on many occasions that the admins in the game should simply stroll around the official servers and fix exploiters hackers, and undermesh builders but all those people who made the suggestions ended up with the above paragraph… it’s really hard to enjoy something or believe the funcom staff, when you get answers that clearly say to shut up and go somewhere else if hackers and exploiter ruin the game for everyone.


every opinion matters. the sad part is that we are asked for our opinion but the moment we give it the staff and people in the forum systematicly vomits on us and blames us for doing exactly what they askus: to voice our point of view and critics.

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Sorry, but this is just nonsense. There are many, many posts and threads on the forums with criticism towards the game or its aspects. Blinkered optimism or rose-tinted glasses never helped a game company improve their product, and Funcom is as aware of this as anyone else. They’re not trying to bury problems.

The unfortunate fact is that they’re still a small company that took on a massive project with an iconic franchise, and they simply lacked, and lack, the resources to make it perfect. No amount of forum posts will change that. What we can do, however, is keep posting bug reports and exploit reports through the media Funcom wants us to use.

Especially when it comes to exploits, Funcom has taken the stance that knowledge of these exploits should not be posted in public - spreading the problem before they can fix it isn’t going to help in the long run. You may freely disagree with this policy, but on their forums, one should follow their rules.

Funcom is not ignoring persistent problems. They simply may not have a fix for them (yet). People get upset if their bug report goes unanswered, but on my time on these forums (over a year) I’ve seen an equal number get upset by copy-paste “thank you for your bug report, we’ll forward this to our developers” replies because it doesn’t actually fix the problem.

Funcom doesn’t have a magic wand they can wave and make bugs go away. They’re doing what they can. If you feel like it’s not enough, you have every right to feel that way.

This feels like a pretty serious accusation. Really - every time someone posts a bug report they get greeted by sugar-coated hostility or outright mockery? Even by Funcom staffers? Every time? I’m afraid I’ll have to take this either as confirmation bias, or a very small sampling, with perhaps some misinterpretations caused by language barriers (do note that most Funcom staffers aren’t native English-speakers either). Please provide an example of a Funcom staffer ridiculing a bug reporter so we could better understand how you came to your conclusions.


and if you dig into the forums you will see that many posted aout various issues and were greeted by:
if youre so knowledgeable come work for us
if youre not happy go play in another server
if no admin is availabelthe first to happen are the players who open bash down other forum user that are reporting problems, or adding more infos to the problems listed.

and if this part offended im terribly sorry about . but i was expectng peopel to get overly offended by what i say. since we live in a society that does not tolerate freedom of speech it was to be expected to see this kindof reaction.

[edit] if you dont like my salt you’re going to be a sad person. i give praise when earned. i give salt when needed. this is my salt. learn to live with it or ignore and dont read me

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i made a post earlyer about sandstorm being bugged out, no dealing dmg, or being blinding circles of light or simply receiving dmg without sandstorm. admins removed it without any reason.

that being said im not going to argue over admin moderation openly since it gets posts removed. and i dont plan on seeing this being removed.

serious accusaiton in your term woudl probably imply that i hit a soft spot with a rocket launcher and you cant accept it.

you will have to accept the fact that peopel have a different opinion than yours and that wether you like it or not your feelings are not my concern.

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It was flagged as spam which btw you are doing again. Your posts won’t get flagged if you behave as a decent human being. There are ways and ways to exercise your human rights for freedom of speech … Funcom have actually been very tolerant when it comes to your posts at least from what I have seen.

i am terribly sry if i am not too familiar with the forums system. i hope my lack of knowledge on the site did not offend you too much.
if it can make you feel better i can go commit harakiri to restore my honor as a new user.

also i cant wait for tomorow when i read all the replies this post will trigger.

speaking our minds seems really offensive on here so far.

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It is not your lack of knowledge what gets you flagged on the forums …


Hey @Donovan

Please don’t create new accounts to circumvent forum suspensions.

Also, please keep in mind our guidelines when posting:


As long as you keep your feedback constructive and refrain from throwing out baseless accusations, we won’t take any action upon your posts. You’re definitely allowed to share your views and opinions, as long you keep in mind the rules shared above.

Fearmongering is not acceptable, nor bashing moderators or other users publicly. Feel free to reach out privately to any of the staff should you have any complaints or questions regarding any procedures that may have taken place upon your posts, we’ll be happy to listen and clarify.