5 Point New Player Short Guide Which May Expire in 7 Days

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This is an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a few months, so, of course, I wanted to get it out 7 days before we learn more about 3.0, because, reasons.

I am self limiting to 5 suggestions, because.

  1. Starting location - West of Scavenger’s Berth (I5) or North of Sepermaru (B7)

Scavenger’s Berth provides access to a lot of hide and iron bar loot from manageable fights, as well as the chance for named crafter thralls. Named fighters are also available as well as easy access to baby crocs and shellbacks.
BONUS 1: This area experiences the visuals of the sandstorm, but not the affects
BONUS 2: A named bearer, crafters, and cooks have a minor RNG spawn chance
BONUS 3: The Dafari camps in close proximity have named thrall RNG
BONUS 4: Very close to one of only 2 Mitra/Zath priest spawn (T1-T4)

Sepermaru - tougher thralls, much more abundant resources. Sepermaru is a thrall supermarket and all crafters in all tiers RNG spawn. There is iron, coal, and brimstone all located close by as well as plenty of wood, stone, aloe, and fiber. I prefer the outcropping right outside the Temple Sector/Waterside because it limits approaches by the purge.
BONUS 1: Chests atop many areas give you free resources including iron and steel bars and thick leather
BONUS 2: Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are in the Wine Cellar and make excellent all game fighters
BONUS 3: In the area about the shellback pond (you’ll know it when you see it) there is a RNG armorer which will be either a T3 or T4
BONUS 4: There are six Set priest spawns and an extremely high RNG that a named priest, both male and female, will spawn, especially in the Temple Quarter

  1. Feats - Upgrade tools categories ASAP, ignore butcher feat upgrades until Star Metal

The harvest increase you receive from iron and steel tools is awesome, don’t get stuck using stone tools for wood, stone, bark, coal, etc. The greater your harvest rate, the more XP, which gives you more feats. I find various Butcher feats a drain on feat points early game and only upgrade at star metal

  1. Journey Steps and Exploring - Both of these give you bonus, free, XP - explore and complete the journey steps

Free XP is good. Use it to increase your level, which increases your attributes and feats

  1. RUN! - seriously, do not be afraid to run away. Keep your stamina bar at half or higher so you can run away from the enemies looking to invite you as dinner. Also, going over a cliff (remember to grab on) is a great way to break off a chase

  2. Bedrolls - don’t be afraid to keep one on your hot bar

As soon as possible, I make a bed so i can carry a bedroll and place it down, hopefully prior to making a poor choice or, at times, as I am running away screaming about how bad a choice I just made.

Beds are forever (unless destroyed) but bedrolls are binary, placing one destroys the previous

These are suggestions, not rulings. I would be interested i learning about other player’s top 5 suggestions for starting out.


All of these suggestions are basically exactly how I start any new toon in exile lands. I build on the large flat rise behind the Queen Reaper. As you say it is close to everything you need especially aloe and iron. All of these suggestions are great for a new player. Great work :+1:


I will agree with all you said I will just point 2 “upgrades” on your suggestions…
To the suggestion run away and climb to avoid I totally agree unless there is an archer too, in this case don’t think to climb, just lead them all on a ledge and then jump from the ledge, they can’t follow.
To the suggestion carry a bedroll, I agree, bedrolls are your best friends in this game but they are heavy, it is better to carry some hide which is way lighter or some branches and sticks.
Now my top five :wink:.
1)Stay for awhile in the noob River, more or less one hour is enough, before you know it you will be equipped with medium encumbrance armor make a lot of journey steps, learn the darfari recipes, religions, e motes and move on to kill the abysmal.
2)Visit unnamed city, take the obelisk, learn the map room recipe and kill the skeleton on the Aqueduct Bridge to take your first legendary (the watcher blade) so you’ll engage easier on fights .
3)Jump down to take the religions from this area especially in the spider caves you’ll take at least 2 levels only by killing easy spiders and 2 more only by killing crocks, then head to the bat tower, climb it, take the cook recipe (don’t try to kill the bat yet :wink:), take war dance, take the sinchole obelisk, the hyena fur recipe, the aquilonian dance and head back to Murielas hope.
4) Visit Den(if you can take specialist brewing and belly dance) , open the Neebs chest (good luck),go out to take aloe soup recipe, come back in to take midnight alchemist, climb to take the recipe and head for Sepermeru before you take the warmakers obelisk. Loose your corruption and try your luck on Szeth if you are bold enough, take the emotes, dance and recipes, buy some warming up food with the silver you find on your journey and head to the mount of dead.
5)Put a bedroll in a safe place of the mount of dead take the cooking recipes and run from the camp to head for ymir religion. Light your torch eat a warming up food if necessary, go take the frost obelisk gather some ice and head for volcano from the hidden path. Put the ice on the wheel, consume frequently, take the obelisk and exit from the pilgrim (watch it, you must not have a cooling down effect when exiting volcano). Take the black keep obelisk use your last warming up food, pass the bridge, go take push ups , and cooking recipes and exit north from the passage to go to jungle. Take the obelisk, kill Teimos take his mask, climb for stygian alchemy and head fir the sunken city to kill some fellows and gain some scales and deep fishing recipe. Go to the black garden, visit or kill the queen, head to pagoda for derketo and then your last obelisk. Swim a bit to the small island and take the cooking recipe X.

About 5 hours gameplay, without rush and the exile lands are yours.
If you stay 4 more hours in jungle looting gold and killing apes and world boss spiders you’ll have your first follower dressed with epic lemurian, both of you actually and level 45 to 50, without a house yet you can choose to go for more or settle in a place you like with enough demon blood to fix your self a map room.
The world is yours in less that 10 hours gameplay, your choise :wink:.

My suggestion however goes better for “restarting” a game and definitely not to a “fresh” starting player.

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