5th World Boss Cloak

This is a request for our veterans.

When the time has come we are to receive our 5th World Boss reward, it would be very much appreciated for a 5th World Boss quest reward; since there are only 4 cloaks available.

I would suggest a number of shards reward from the quest giver.

Or… to create a claims shards reward for anyone who has completed the Astrologers quest 4 times…


I would suggest to do proper content instead of wb loot pinatas.


Deeps been in this game since it was a baby I think he’s done every single tiny weeny bit of content :joy:

But WB even tops RF in being boring stupid content. So why farm it after you got the rewards? Why add a new reward to encourage people to keep doing wb?

I prefer new or challenging content instead of boring grind… All we get nowadays is just long term grind

Some people want all 4 cloaks in every character …I myself only do it once on my characters a month there’s plenty of other content to do while it’s on run dungeons or form pug raid solo instances quests …all waiting till this (NEW CONTENT) drops :wink:

Most of the time you dont need to kill the WBs 4 times, because at least one cloak from the pack is not suit for your class.

This one is maybe good for vanity for TOSes and POMs but for nothing else:

For GUARDs these two are useless both in solo and in raid:

My advice is, dont put more unnecessary items on RF and/or WB please.
These two are the most boring content ever created in this game.

Make legendary open world raids, or if this is a too big task for the devs, than put shards on dungeons, or collectibel items/tokens what can exchange on shards and/or other stuffs on vendors.
Give purpose for the old dungeons and raids, make them alive again.

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I know some people are still farming it trying to get all the pets that can be dropped especially the dancers for the achievement titles.
@AndyB Would it be possible to put the WB only pets like the dancers onto a vendor to be purchased by tokens …we can purchase the Pets of the WB types so why not the rest of range of pets that can drop… random WB drops trying to collect these is very disappointing and time consuming.


Quoting to support this.

And by the love of Conan - please please please do not put them onto the gilding token vendor…people who really want to get those pets want them on their mains. In the hoards that are effectivly the only way to really get tokens of gilding is nothing bop a main character needs anymore. So buying this hoards only to get the tokens makes the tokens really really expensive. Like, crazy expensive.

I never saw the need to get more than 2 cloaks on any character…

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Maybe put them on T1 T2 T3 and Khitai Vendors for the tokens. People could farm those dungeons and Raids and use a lot content which is long forgotten. (Since WB and RF) maybe add them to the dungeon and unchained drops too.

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Let us use all of our excess AA expertise points to buy them.


I like that one too!

WB exclusive weps should be purchasable by WB token as well. Now in the “age of vanity weapons” some of them are intersting and due the extrordinary low drop chances effortwise they are much harder to get than t6.

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still to get first one here, plz tell me a hint for my first cloaks:
hox, better the demon (more int) or the the ash mantle (combat rating fire)?
for barb terminator is if i mainly use two handed weapon and conversant for mainly dual wield?
assassin get slayer one with dex like rangers for better dps?

HoX is kinda tricky since combat rating fire does not increase the Burn to Death DoT but Int and magic damage does, combat rating fire is only good for your melee damage. but considering that you only get 20 magic damage more with the int cloak I personally would go for the HoX cloak since with that you gain 13.33 DPS from the combat rating. So from my point of view, go for the HoX cloak, you got more from having 13.33 melee DPS more than having 20 magic damage more and missing the 13.33 melee DPS.

Regarding Barb: I took the combat rating cloak since I pretty much only play my Barb in dual wield spec (no T5 rune so no weapon switching), the other cloak has roughly 1.5 DPS less but adds some more offhand rating (~2% I think) so that’s a good trade-off in my opinion.

With HoX always go HoX specific items overall dps is better as it increases white hits as well as combo finishers BtD and PoiF are mainly affected by magic dmg but pillars crits harder with more combat rating

Off hand rating cloak is the best cloak for both barb and sin :slight_smile:

I actually disagree, i prefer the dex cloak on the sin just because it has -hate :smiley:

I get that, but using cover of dusk, spirit of nightfall and crimson lotus pollen ‘correctly’ which is rare now a days is more important than -22 hate or whatever it is. If you’re pulling aggro without that -22 hate, you will do it with it as well unless you’re living on the edge for the whole fight. But, then you would most likely pull the next time miasmas are off cd when you burst too so :stuck_out_tongue: . Both cloaks are fine though. It’s just if you get to choose ONE cloak (considering it’s a yearly thing) I’d choose the one with more dps (off hand good --> specially with T5 rune to proc off hand finesse hits)


Thank you all for suggestions :slight_smile: