6 hours and thoughts on how bad Funcom treats the console community

Game mode: [Online | official]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc | It’s all just so bad]
Region: [Oceania]

I have spent 6 hours in the volcano just trying to farm up 1 thrall and get it back to my base! But with crashes and glitches the game has just ruined me every single time! I’m a paying customer?! Why do I have to deal with stuff?
Cant you just fix your game pleeeease!
It’s stuff like this why I stopped playing after putting 130+ days into your game.
I hate that you ignore the console community just because there isn’t any youtubers giving you grief at the moment. I wish firespark81, jade oh or wag would start calling you out on how terribly you treat the console community

Just play the game


If it helps, PC is basically the testing grounds for new updates… No no not testlive because that is useless and the bugs and suggestions in that get ignored, no no I meant the live version is the test haha

So it isn’t just console, I do feel for you though, console gets forgotten about with many games haha

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