6 Locked Storage Vaults Have Been Looted Official Server #6005


6 Locked vaults are looted

I am solo so no one in the clan

Only good stuff taken, bad stuff are left all in 6 Vaults

Nothing shows up in the log

There are no damage on the structures

What should i do? If i farm back T4 crafters etc, they will be looted again

There are other reports on the forum this happening. There is a hack going on right now

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change title, atleast my advice, i readed this like 10 times trying to figure out, that vault is bugged again ( thinked of siptah vault not Clan storage vault) and was like how the hell structures going with official server vault raid, almost thinked u are reporting that u blocked out some vault and someone got in… until i remembered those big storage vaults in conan…

I have changed it to Storage Vaults

I would create a bug report. Provide as many details as possible so the devs can hopefully fix it, I have heard others complain of this although I haven’t experienced it myself.

Yes happened on 6004 too recently, for moment don’t trust your vault/chest if they are not totally enclosed by wall or foundation.

it’s not a bug, it’s a hack used to do that

Even this won’t stop them. I body vaulted a while ago with a minimum amount of gear due to my completely enclosed vault being ransacked with no damage to the building or vault and nothing in the event log.

well may be they came from under to access to the vault , if vvault not on foundation but directly on ground.

That’s my whole point. My vault WAS inside a secure building. There was no damage done, no walls or foundations destroyed but somehow someone managed to steal from the vault with no record of a name or anything in my event log.

@Funcom may we have a fix to this gamebreaking hack?

Whatever we have is being looted by hackers from the storage vaults!

They are treating the storage vaults like open buffet hotel breakfast and it doesn’t even show up on the event logs



May we have a statement about the locked storage vaults being looted by the hackers on official pvp servers? Is the team aware of it? Because even if we farm the hacked materials back they are getting looted putting people in a very struggling situation.

Thank you.

I’ve forwarded the topics about this to support. Your best bet in the short term is to submit a Zendesk ticket about the issue.


Thank you very much!

Yes i have contacted through there also as this is a really severe situation in my opinion.


We agree this is…not great. I’ve received word from support that this is a known issue and we’ve recommended it be prioritized when possible.


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