9999 Offical servers down timed out

I’ve about reached the point I don’t think I’ll play this any more. My server, and many others have been down since Friday. If I can’t log in by Friday, my base etc will be gone. I paid for the Battle Pass and can do a local game to work on progression, but this is unacceptable! I’ve submitted two tickets. They were both closed saying it was solved but they gave me no information and it is definitely NOT solved. It’s been 4 days with many of the official servers being down and from my searching, not a word from Funcom. I’m glad some of the servers are back online, what about the rest of them?? If I loose that base I won’t be buying the Isle of Siptah nor any more DLC or Battle Passes and I’ll stop playing it soon. I was so close to completing the Exiled lands on an official server and getting all the relics to be able to remove the bracelet. Funcom, you have until Friday…BTW I’m on Server 1930. Not that I think this will speed it up or anything. At least let us know if your suspending building decay or something.

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