A Bounty Hunter System (kill who those annoy you)

Hello, I am Trin and have a bad english but maybe an awesome idea.

Since the pre-order of the secret world, pvp has always been a kind of complicated problem to solve and balance, but it is wise to recognize the benefits that pvp brings to a mmorpg, among them:

More Dynamic Builds - players will likely seek new combinations of skills by focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, which could be very useful in a number of ways, as certain items could be added back to SWL and new, eccentric builds would emerge.

Keep the Game Flowing - PVE content, story content is great, but it reaches a certain point that simply does not make more sense and a good part of the players perform the missions just for the fact to perform, until it becomes totally annoying, adding decent pvp is fact it would be a good idea to hold a good part of the community and add new members to the world of swl

Less Drama more KIlling - Most of us know how players can be acidic. This sometimes gives rise to collective discomfort because most of the time there is a certain impunity against those who treat you badly or offend you in some way that there is no tangible reason to be reported.

Reward Feeling of KILL - Imagine the feeling that you can send the person who called you noob directly or indirectly, straight to the anima well? It would be another way to keep the community more united game, it seems a paradox, but the fact is that eventually you connect more to the game and this somewhat breaks the sense of collective apathy that sometimes arises.

One of the most disagreeable things to almost a decade of gameplay was indirect stimulation for a saturated elite and most of the time stagnant with their own convictions, adding a balanced pvp, we will have new groups, new dynamics , new ideas, perhaps an ever-renewable world ahead.

After explaining what I think is beneficial for pvp, it would be unnecessary to explain the cons, as they will appear in the comments and maybe not always I have a replica, so maybe I suggest that those who want a pvp system also raise the SWL PVP flag!

Now comes my main idea:

A Bounty Hunter System:

Put a reward system for whoever kill a certain player (whether in aurum, mof or items)
Since a group can be formed in function of this function and the rewards will be distributed equally

Open World PvP - You can kill anyone (lv 50 at least) at any point in the game, whether in raids, pvp zones, lairs, dungeons, open world, agartha obvious that in a way the individual that kills any other player inside of raids, lairs, dungeons, agartha gains a kind of debuff proportional to the area and is disabled to participate in the dungeons, raids and even chests of lair during a good time, perhaps hours, days, weeks or more

Being that every time you kill the same players, the more the debuff can increase indefinitely.

To kill players with low gear, it generates a greater punishment with respect to the debuff.

Pvp mode - you press a key, gain the same effect as the UTAs, red eyes and at that point you can kill anyone or be killed by anyone, being the one who defends himself from an initial attack of another payer does not receive any punishment if the kill.

Cabal Wars - Two or more cabals bet aurum, mofs or items for a fight in some specific arena (probably shambala) 10vs10, 5vs5 or maybe more.

Bounty Hunter Ranks - Titles, achievments, cosmetic items, those who complete bounty hunter missions can be added.

Duel system - players bet items, aurum, mofs or even items and they solve themselves in a duel that can be carried out anywhere being that there is possibility of severe punishment of the debuff for both, if you ruin a raid, lair, dungeons

That attempt to ruin a raid, lair, dungeon, after being killed will resurrect in a kind of hell prison in which are all others who tried to ruin, there is open world pvp without any restriction or punishment, you went out there in two ways, waiting o a set time to teleport to original city or paying with a reasonable amount of anima shards.

Balancing notes: real balancing almost does not exist in any game and will not exist in fact, it is obvious that there will be one hit ko or practically immortal players it is up to the other players to organize for the victory that is something tangible

Notes on immunity: players watching cutscenes will be immune

Final notes: I am part of the swl community, like everyone here, I want the game to live, I want the game to be better elaborated, I did not give up after the migration, I did not give up when I lost my notebook and now I play with a potato, I’m going to give up on trying to help create a better, more immersive, and more secretive world.

In a game in which freedom of choice makes a difference, in a game that works out its actions and consequences, in which story itself screams, crying out that there is no comfort zone, so let it be fact, that we can actually make more difficult choices and real.

Feel free to add, comment, criticize the secret world is made by and for us players


There is a petition also:
at change organization


This is very nice and I agree with a lot of it from a “want” perspective but the idea will get shot down for two reasons. Firstly they no longer consider this game an MMORPG I’m not going to argue whether it is or isn’t I’m just saying that Funcom has very little focus on content that is typical of an MMORPG anymore. Secondly the idea is fairly complex I can only imagine that there is a lot of work required to make open world PvP viable in a way that won’t be a nuisance to the general population.

I created a post a while back regarding PvP which is probably still very close to the top of the list in the forums called “The Future of PvP in SWL” and it has sorta summed up a lot of opinions on the matter. Basically they wont even bring back old zones like Fusang and Eldorado and Stonehenge from TSW which I can only assume would be even less work then what your suggesting.

That being said I love the idea and would fully support it but just being realistic on the matter.

There is always ideas flooding forward about PVP from different members of the community, and PVP was something that featured in TSW and wrongfully was left behind.

PVP has remained one of the top topics discussed on the entire forum, with the devs comments only being
“It’s not on our priority list at the moment” -
“If PVPers want us to do something they should make their voices heard” (Which we have done, since the beginning and continue to do so) and now more recently
“If PVPers want PVP then they have to arrange their own events so the devs have something to sell to their producers”

And here, we have people still offering up their ideas - in many forms - wanting PVP, Wanting group content etc
i don’t know how many more times it needs asked or mentioned or highlighted that for those who enjoyed the game previously, the way they did - should still be able to do so in this new money making “model” - i don’t see why ALL these things can’t coexist on the same game, it doesn’t have to be steered into pure story, there’s only so many times you can repeat it before its stale and you find somewhere else to spend your time and money.
Not only that but doing just pure story based content (Main missions, sabotage missions, investigation missions etc) - DO NOT gear your character well enough - you HAVE to do group content such as dungeons in order to get the better distillates to advance.

I don’t believe for one second that people sit in this game and play story missions over and over - and that’s it.
i’ve played with many people in group content.
I HATE doing missions - it’s not why i play - i like dungeons, lairs, raids, Megasummons - all forms of group content.
but we can’t even do that.

Why can’t all these things coexist in the same game - I have absolutely no idea.

Anyone who says PVP doesn’t belong is wrong, you are just being ridiculous - because it does, it used to for one AND it would ADD to the game something which is actually missing, along with the other dungeons and raids and group contents such as scenarios - i dare you to say you would quit this game if they brought PVP - coz you’d be down right lying through your teeth.
People would play if they wanted to do as long as nobody is forced to do things they don’t want to then everything is fine.

I don’t need to contribute ideas to the PVP issue - they have mine already - THEY HAVE THE ASSETS TO REINTRODUCE

Never give up - YOU are the Message

“Change is on the way”


Interesting suggestions, indeed.
Sadly there is no future for PVP it seems.
points at an already mentioned thread

Something like this would be a lot of fun if it was opt-in. Though PVP in dungeons? Trying to wrap my head around that :slight_smile:

This is a pretty confusing idea tbh, is it opt-in or not? If it is, then how are you supposed to put bounties on people? If it’s not then it’s quite frankly a terrible idea - in the venn diagram of people who enjoy being killed by other players and people who enjoy the single-playeresque story content there can’t be a lot of overlap. :v:

Either way, it runs up against the same problem as other pvp - they have limited resources and story content is what pays the bills. What PvP needs is a mode where people can buy cosmetics to show off but the only TSW battleground that didn’t enforce uniforms is Shambala and everybody seems to hate it.

I am not for open pvp, especially not in dungeons and raids. i think the best idea is to go for pvp arenas like they had in TSW, hopefully they will get the time to focus on this at some point:)


How does killing everyone who says something I dislike make for a more united community?

If I have an opinion and manage to win a duel with someone who disagrees does that make my opinion the more valid? Are they likely to shut up about their differing opinion after a trip to the anima well?

Opinions are a little bit disconnected from my gear score and ability to push 6 buttons in a particular order better than other people.

Nobody is going to trip a flag when running a raid or dungeon, perhaps even at all if it means being mobbed at an inopportune time.

If we can’t get enough interested people together to make PVP in dedicated PVP zones a priority then killing everyone wherever they go, or the more likely scenario running around hassling everyone who won’t duel or trip their flag, seems just a tad unlikely to promote harmony.

I’d rather focus on more dedicated PVP zones. Where its about PVP, not opinions.

Old suggestion. FC will never implement this. PvP is not a concern of theirs.

No, no its not. Random open world PvP absolutely does not fit a game that’s mostly story-focused PvE. Not even if it is opt-in, because secret world and secret war (okay, not much war in SWL anymore, entire point of the thread).

In fact, from a story perspective, here’s what might be Richard Sonnac’s take:

"While I appreciate your enthusiasm for trying to keep our organization on top of things both figuratively and literally, I find myself in the unenviable position of having to agree with Miss Geary that gung-ho idiots shooting up downtown Manhattan makes for quite the waste of resources when more sensible members of our secret organizations have to cover up the reasons for it. Which part of secret was it you did not get, by the way?

Also, in future decision-making, please do keep in mind that next time they have leaky gas pipes on Times Square, we would rather prefer the Illuminati graciously accept our aid in dealing with such issues, rather than shooting our operatives on sight because they suspect a, pardon the profanity, bloody moron like you."

Fusang really made sense lore-wise, so what SWL needs is Fusang, not open world PvP.


PvP in dungeons you say?!

(EDIT: Offhand, I wonder if this bug still exists…)


LOL. I was never quick enough to pull that off. Just Rocket Jumped and Surging Bladed into people :smiley:

Dying over here that you got PVP XP for that.

I believe it does still exist :smiley:

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SWG had system a bit like this for Bounty Hunter profession.

PVP bounties work the same as NPC bounties (the tracking part, anyways). Every time someone Death Blows another player in faction PVP they have a 1k bounty pinned on them. The person who was killed may put 20k - 1 million extra onto it. When a bounty reaches 15k, the player is put on the bounty hunter terminal. Take the mission, track with your droids, and KILL!

Bounty Hunting: Nope
Open World: Nope
Dungeon PvP: Did you really think that this is a Good idea? Seriously? Nope!


If I remember right, there were talks/plans years before Shambala about Shambala being something like PvP Dungeon

I thought it was a PvP scenario? In any event, there’s a difference between a dungeon built for PvP and just letting people grief each other during boss fights. :v:

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