A clan member is stealing resources. Is there a way to recover the items?

Hey everyone! My first post here and I didn’t find any recent topics about situations like this, so excuse me if I’m doing this wrong (also, sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil) .

Well, here’s my situation. I’m playing on PS4, on an official server, and I started a clan with two other players. As a clan, only the leader and I played to achieve something and this guy never was too much participative (he barely entered the game to play).
After some time I was the only one that remain playing, but didn’t quit the clan because all my stuff was already related to it and in all the months I played solo I collected a lot of legendary items and rare resources and stored them inside my personal base.

Now that guy (not the clan owner thankfully) entered the game again and stole every single piece of armors, weapons, potions and resources that I collected. He is offline now and inside my base and I think he’s overweight cause he’s wearing my armor pieces and weapons and I went to his place and didn’t find nothing storaged.

I truly have no problem with sharing the resources and help each other out, I think that’s the purpose of a clan, but grabbing all those things (that are not easy to get) and without even warning? That is something I think is disrespectful and not quite fair playing of him. Oh! And he did it for nothing cause he never entered the game since then (I tried to send him a message, but he’s always offline and his character remains unconscious).

So (finally) my question is: how can I get my stuff back? I asked the clan leader for help and he said will give me leader role too, so I was wondering if I can somehow loot the body of that clan member since he, well, is a member of the clan? I read that I can use a pickaxe on the body and then loot the bag. Is that true?

Sorry for the long post and thank you for your time :smiley:

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I am not a PVE expert but maybe you could kill and loot him by placing down some fireplaces to burn him to death ?


Just place pallisades around him. The bleed will kill him and you can get your stuf back. You might want to do this fast as there is a chance his body will disappear on server restart.


Simple answer lock your storage containers and access to your base. It is a simple solution. Changing permissions is real easy.


If you aren´t the clanadmin your only chance is killing him while he is asleep in the base and move all your stuff to hidden chests or vaults outside the base. He can check the logs and see that you moved the stuff but unless your server is running the pipi mod he won´t be able to find it that easy. It is a high risk, placing vaults or chests outside your base. So they need to be hidden pretty well. But at least you have a fair chance to not loose everything. Because its just a matter of time before he starts deleting the base when he is done looting.

Once you´ve got the admin you can kick him out. As an admin you can prevent stealing by putting the valueable stuff in a vault. Members with low rights can´t access vaults.


Sorry to hear that. If he has stuff on his body you have to wait for him to log in. Then you can kill him and take them back. Or find his body when he logs off and retrieve them. For some reason now after server reset everyone’s body is gone. This used to be after 7 days of inactivity now its the next server reset. Unfortunately there is no way to get them back without him logging in. 1 thing you could do if you know the exact spot where he logged off build walls around there and ceiling kick him from the clan but that doesn’t get your stuff back, but it makes sure that he doesn’t get to use it too.

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I didn’t try fireplaces, but I did use Wall Palisade and it kinda worked!

cons: his character’s body did not “die” like an online player does, before disappear he was standing with open arms and with a [Dead] tag instead of his name.

I don’t think I will get my things back now, but at least he will not use them either.

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Yeah! I did that, but since it’s a PVE server I think his body can’t be looted at all :frowning:
And was kinda bizarre because when he died his character’s body was standing with open arms and no bag to recover the items.

Wow! How can I do that?! :open_mouth: It would be amazing? I tried to interact with chests and boxes but did’n find any options to lock them. I don’t know if is related, but I play on PS4.

Yeah! I tried to contact the clan admin and he said that would help me, but I’m still waiting. Meanwhile I’m hidden my stuff in a chest that I placed on top of a small mountain. It’s actually easy to climb and not a much obvious place to hidden stuff, at least I think/hope so :laughing:

Yeah! He was actually inside my base and I guess he was overweighted because he didn’t go too far from my chests. I ended up killing him with a Wall Palisade and I guess all the stuff he was carrying is now gone lol :cry: but at least he will not use anything he stole.

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Pve every thing is locked already.

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