A content and function ideas list (please read and respond to any or all parts) :-)

So I don’t put a bunch of posts in for all the ideas I have for content I am trying to make a list of things that are already in game in some form. So it should not be hard for Funcom to do. (hint, hint)

i) Nicer looking draw bridges (there is only one available, options please)
ii) A koi pond (with dark and light stone versions to give the option for your bright castle or dark tower)
iii) Dark stone versions of fountains for those evil dark minded people among us
iv) Several versions of chandeliers (dark and light) for your great room (and one made of antlers)
v) A (hard to describe) structural element with an upturned hook or hooks. Should attach like an inverted wall slope but have big upturned hook(s). Like the corner elements on the architecture in the jungle. In several versions dark and light please. (does this have a name?)
vi) More curtain colors! Please! Black, white, blue, purple and green. (and make the half curtain flip so you can use it in the other direction)
vii) More statues. Snake men are cool, how about some skeletons? More human forms (male and female) usable within a two story height. (darks and light versions of course, love the Conans but a little too big)

i) Take the extinguish light off of all the lighting elements (torches, braziers, etc.). I don’t think I have ever seen anybody with the torches off. Everybody leaves them on 24/7.
ii) Put a check box on thrall/characters to allow underwear removal from armors. Respective of personal nudity settings for those who don’t want to see.


  • Continuing with the theme of Nicer looking ______, better/different elevators.
  • Baths/Ponds/Fountains. Animations would be nice, but not completely necessary
  • New light sources. I love radium stuff, but the tentacle aesthetic means I normally don’t use them. Just a simple wrought iron stick with a nice, mounted crystal would be perfect.
  • Not a new feature, but an old one coming back: Crafter thrall outfits.


  • Merge Fast Elevators with regular elevators. I don’t see a reason for them to be separate.
  • Adjust shield heavy attack’■■■■■ boxes to be more in line with the player with they’re attacking. Currently it’s to the left of the player which means the shield misses more often.
  • (PVP servers) Have thralls “Always On”, so that your base is always guarded even outside of raid hours. Prevents/Dissuades a common strategy of taking a bat to the top of someone’s base and just sitting up there waiting for the raid window with a pocket full of bombs
  • Speaking of bombs, move their crafting area from the inventory to the alchemy bench or a brand new crafting station. It doesn’t make sense (to me, specifically) that I have to go to the artisan’s table to make a carpet, but I can craft a volatile explosive by hand on the fly.
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