A few interesting Ideas

  1. Add trapdoor spider mini-bosses in the forest areas, youll know the general area they’re at by the webs covering nearby trees. They spawn hidden underground and when you get close enough you hear a sound briefly before it pounces from the ground. The trapdoor miniboss has a lunge/leap like wolves, but if it lands it injects you with venom.

  2. Add some spiders near the spider miniboss that can hide up in the trees. When aggro’d they repel down and charge. These ones would make very little sound so unless it was starting to attack you, you wouldnt hear it. So you’d have to check the trees.

  3. Allow players to access and use the workbenches,forges,blacksmiths ect in new asgard and any other a.i. town village ect. They’re already there anyways.

  4. Add a giant cemetary/graveyard somewhere on the map? Could have the undead burst from the graves if you aggro them and some sort of creepy miniboss there?

  5. Add a new tameable “merchant” thrall - Once you place it, (behind a window probably, players can still acess it) You can put w/e item in it’s inventory and other players can only take that item by buying it. You can set the price to anything, like “50 crystal” or “100 iron bars” ect. If it dies, it can still be robbed. But be kinda of cool to setup trading posts with these thralls semi-safely behind windows or maybe a newly added “trading screen” or something that protects them. Still raidable, but maybe immune to poison gas or w/e

  6. Really hope this one can be added - BoneCollector Armor - Made from human bones, looks similar to the Rust bone armor concept art with the human skull for a helmet. Gives higher defense at the cost of being extremely heavy even though its medium armor (The point is if you wear this your sole focus should be PvP or fighting in general, not carrying healing items or loot).

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#3 would be nice, so long as you were required to have the associated feat to craft that station. Otherwise it’d just be a way to bypass progression.

#5 would probably be better as a single NPC in civilized areas. Just imagine on a big server, dozens of these merchant thralls everywhere. It’d probably induce lag. Instead, have an NPC that runs a consignment. You give up one item/stack, set a price you want. Others can view and purchase.

Bone armors and the graveyard/tomb would be nice.

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