A hopeful request for those who like strategy

Something me and a few of my friends were thinking about was what if you could get an army of thralls and attack a base?!!! Then we got to talking about how much fun it would be if there was a commander unit you could attach fighter thralls to and order to attack maybe even get thralls on siege! It would provide large battles for your base or even open pitch battles! And we cant stop wondering how much fun it would be and how many possibilities would be added to the game!

I was thinking about something like this the other day. I play mainly Solo, and I thought 'It would be fun to somehow get a Thrall army and have then attack the Summoning Place, or Supermeru.

Sort of like ordering your own Purge on a target location?

If you are able to mod, you can more or less do this with Better Thralls.

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