Thrall barracks

An idea I came up with is barracks or garrisons for thralls. It would be a placeable that would allow players to store a limited number of thralls per barrack. how it differs from ark would be that when a thrall dies another is automatically summoned from the barracks. So a player can have as many thralls as they want, but only a certain amount is placed in the world. IMO if Funcom wants to limit the amounts of thralls a player can have, then they should make thralls smarter and give us the ability to give them commands to make them more effective. Right now they A.I can’t even negotiate stairs or find a doorway LOL.

also how about adding more placeable siege weapons to help defend large bases.

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Might wanna check this post out. Long story short, Funcom won’t do it. For more info, read the thread.

thanks didn’t see that thread before i posted

I would love to see more placeable siege weapons. :+1:

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