A list of major bugs

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

I wanted to provide a quick list of bugs I’ve encountered in the past few weeks. Some prior to the Followers II patch, and some after.

1) Followers stop attacking properly.
This seems to have several issues. One issue is that the follower will go up to the mobs in attack stance, but put their weapon away right before they attack. Another is that when ordered to attack, they run a few feet forward and then “leash” and run back to me. Anecdotally, this seems to resolve itself after a server reset, but once it “breaks” then all thralls are affected.

2) Followers don’t “catch up” properly.
I felt that this was better prior to the Followers II patch, with one caveat. Right now, when you run away, it’s seemingly random if a follower will catch up properly. Sometimes they are nowhere to be found for well over a minute. Prior to the Followers II patch, if you ran away, they’d join you at a very predictable distance. There was once exception with this - sometimes I believe they would warp inside something that caused insta-death and die (This only happened once in the volcano but I believe they warped inside one of the torches).

3) Decay timers are still not working properly.
This has been a problem since the game launched the decay function. Decay actions are triggered by someone running within render distance. However, the timer does not appear to be a simple display of T-minus the timestamp of the last render action by the owner. Both the “decayed” action and “abandoned” action require proximity of a user instead of simply being 7 days and 8 days from last access of owner.

Furthermore, once the decayed is triggered, it does not maintain the proper 24 hour countdown. I encountered one property that was scheduled to abandon the following day at 4PM my time (I triggered the 24h decay state). As of 1PM, this was on schedule with 3 hours remaining. However, when I visited the property at 4PM, it said there were 10 hours left until it abandoned.

In addition to all this, the “Decays in 0:00” bug still exists where the decay state is not properly triggered and sits there without applying the “Decayed” state once the time reaches zero.

4) Thralls fighting each other
I believe this is a new one following the Followers II patch. I noticed thralls in the volcano attacking each other.

5) Issues with climbing
Transitioning from climbing the wall to standing on the top seems to fail a lot. This is particularly noticeable while climbing towers to get relic fragments. Additionally, there are lots of locations which cause you to lose grip that didn’t previously.

6) Floating, non-decaying thralls
Applying thralls to the decay timer instead of a separate hunger system was a good move. However, even when a base decays or is demolished, the thralls can still remain, floating in the air. This seems to resolve eventually but it is disappointing that floating thralls are still a thing this long into the game’s life.

7) Purge is STILL broken
As a major feature of the game, this is totally unacceptable. I’ve put 1000 hours into the game and I’ve only been purged twice. I’m on Official 1655 and played since launch. Originally, I was purged once and then never again for well over a year. I took a break and returned a few weeks ago, rebuilding completely from scratch. I was purged once successfully and now my purge bar has stopped filling and is actually starting to reduce. This is similar to what happened previously. It seems, again, I’ll never hit the threshold to actually be purged.

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Out of curiosity, when you meter is above the threshold, what does your Event Log look like when filtering for Purge at max Proximity? Do you see a lot of Purge Starting/Ending messages like I reported in the following thread, or do you see something else?

Also, 100% agree that depletion of the purge meter (at least at the current rate) needs to stop. It’s unfair to deny players with real life obligations access to the best content simply because they can’t be playing as much as they’d like.

Nothing in the event log concerning purges. My meter was only above the threshold once. After my first purge it started filling up again to about 75% and now has started slowly depleting.

It feels like we’ve been asking for this since 1963!


I’m convinced they try to complicate things unnecessarily. Like purge meter just needs to be a simple additive thing. Maybe like 3% daily + a small chance to add 0.1% upon building something. Instead it seems like they try to make it relative to other people on the server and all sorts of junk.

Same thing with the decay timer. Upon render, it should just grab a timestamp from the db and display current date minus timestamp. Greater than 7 days it shows decayed + time left. Greater than 8 days it auto-demolishes.

I’d like to see the decay timer adjusted so level 60 players can actually get a purge. While our clan was leveling and building we were getting purged twice a week, since we all hit 60 (even with me ripping an entire build down and rebuilding) we can’t get the purge meter up past 1/3 to the first line.
It just seems totally ridiculous to me that the players who would benefit most from being purged are forced to endure boredom while people starting out and not needing to have their builds destroyed get purged frequently.

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