A lists of pvp raid solutions....again

  1. [edit, jars not dp, so you cant halve 1 dp pee jar…duhhh]Move Jar crafting to Altars. Cost savings with each tier. triple the dp cost the base cost, t2 double dp normal cost and T3 current dp cost.
  2. Create villages scattered that provide random mats at a pace to make them worth controlling. These farms would use the altars bubble design. the 8nner circle is un buildable area. From the inner circle to 1/2 the radius of the outer circle is buildable. The remaining radius unsuitable. Creats a wall around the resources. Turned off on pve servers.
  3. Shrink clans to 4 max. Make it harder to bring 10 players and 10 thralls to a fight with 3 players and ther thralls. Cross fire makes it riskier.
  4. Make weapons do more durability damage to weapons and vice versa based on perks. Makes repairing happen way more. Turned off on pve.
  5. PvP server transfers naked and empty. PvP only.
  6. DbD. 15 min cooldown. Unless you did damage in last 24 hours to someone else, then 30 min cooldown.

Half of what you said could be done in a private server through the use of custom settings (not modded). Have you considered gathering a few like minded individuals together to make such a server? That would be a great way to test how such settings affect a live environment and to see if people actually like it.

DBD settings especially need private server input in order for Funcom to turn it on for officials. They’ve literally asked for this feedback specifically. Unfortunately many PVP servers don’t use it because of active moderation rendering it obsolete, which makes gathering the information nearly impossible.


There does seem to an effort to remove pvp officials from the game or the very least prevent any improvements to them, though this thread didn’t specifically name Pvp officials.

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Prefer to not spend my hard earned cash anymore if devs aren’t actively trying themselves. Long story short, c9vid already took 30% of my yearly salary.

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it is meant more for official pvp. Something that has not really been done by devs in the 4 years of existance.

It’s like joining a league at your local bowling center. Then one day you realize they’re just basically turning the lights on every day, holes in the floor, cig burns on the curtains. Big ole Cigar doodie in all the urinals.

While there assessing the broken mirror and the lagging karaoke, some friendly chap comes up to you and says “you ever think of running a bowling alley yourself? You can do that!”

Yeah no thanks. I administer servers all day long. I’d like to enjoy myself in an environment that should be expanding with the game itself.


existence. are my thoughts for each one on hownto accomplish (simplified logic).

  1. Easy tables update. Been done when they added new tables. Alchemist and firebowl were separated.
  2. Use bubble as stated for the area coding, then add build no builds to it.
  3. Simple slider already exists.
  4. table update with a new column for durability “damage”.
  5. Scripting exists, the 99% check. make it 0%.
  6. already has the normal cooldown setting, so some coding to do for last time you damage maybe doubling the base setting. Hardest one in my list.
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Actually forgot, on
2. Can also bastardize the pvp flgs. they do something similiar as well a selected area where you can pvp on pve servers if act8vated.
4. Acid arrows do durability damage. Use that code when creating it.

Will never call it easy, but in 3 years Noone in that dev team sees these possibilities means they either aren’t very creative or FC doesn’t care about raid on the roadmap. If they don’t care, that is fine, but at least let us raid pvp players know the dev of that style is complete and only updates to it will involve the pve part of the game due to the roadmap and vision of what Conan is to FC.

and on number 44 a cooldown where can’t rejoin a clan you left for 7 days. This way you can’t just exploit with clan hopping.

A quick google search shows that could easily be done taking a second mortgage on a home by an individual in the lower bracket of upper middle class. Going in with 2-3 buddies makes that way more feasible (assuming you need to use equity instead). And if you’re business practices are profitable, those loans could be paid off in about 5 years. Assuming the location is good.

Hell if I didn’t have a busted shoulder from the Army and could actually enjoy the sport, this wouldn’t be a bad idea to propose to some of my veteran buddies. Sorry to bust the analogy a bit there :grin: Especially considering the ‘friendly chap’ has had several ‘bowling alleys’. Or in this case, owned and supported several private servers.

But in all seriousness and keeping it in the scope of CE… a Dedicated Server is free, especially if your internet connection isn’t congested and you have a spare PC/Laptop running around. Anything with a 3.5GHz+ CPU and a hard connection to a router/modem would work.

So start up and maintenance costs are zilch here. But if effort isn’t wanted to be put forth… well don’t know what to tell you other than the ideas presented here are no better than any other nebulous ones offered on a daily basis.

So randomized npc resource nodes with limited landclaim ? These nodes would help with recovery of resources and points of battle on pvp servers ?

Maybe an idea: No random resources. Make some lumber, some iron, etc. If Isle of Siptah has taught one thing it is that many players do not want the randomness that is already present in the game and certainly do not wish to add more to it.


But what you fail to see is the reality of the situation: that guy and his buddies will now be running a bowling alley where they cannot play. And have taken a second mortgage for the pleasure.

I don’t mean this to be snarky, and I usually respect your solutions here, but you must qualify this statement for casual users.

People who do not know how to protect, isolate or mask their IP addresses can put themselves at risk by running a game server. Any random individual now has an IP address to nest in on, and furthermore any angry former “customers” may begin to target the network and even attack individual machines. Please start telling people about the risks of opening pinholes at least. :slight_smile:

To be able to run a 40-man server professionally, I expect to lay out around $900 a year just for hosting.


24/7 raid with offline raid protect. ezpz


I don’t really consider the OP a casual user. Most of us visiting the forums daily are not casual. Despite how little our playtimes may actually be. But no, I get it. You all prefer to play, not admin. Totally understandable. Its why when I do admin, I prefer not to be owner or partial owner at least for larger servers.

Its about half that actually. Assuming paying monthly. You could get a 70-man server for quite cheap if you pay annually. Just do research. Some hosts load up too many instances on one VM (cough-gportal-cough).

But my suggestion wasn’t really suggesting a long term solution, just a testbed. Basically literally get a group of players together on a discord, pitch in for a server or have someone host it on everyone’s behalf. And then just PVP each other’s brains out every other night while adjusting the settings each time. Record what is fun and discard what isn’t and come back with the findings.

I mean that’s no different than playing a game like Phasmophobia or Dying Light with some peeps you meet online. Server doesn’t even need to be up 24/7 to do that.

Hardpoint nodes are a great idea and would add more than just simple npc farming zones for thralls only.

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BTW, this can be done with a mod as far as farming buildings. I just want the devs to put forth an effort to avkctually create a raid loop gameplay.

I guess I’m just slow. :slight_smile: Apologies. You can see I was intent on no naive user making a mistake that might put their IP out on Front Street.

Instead of gaming last night I went through a ton of options, and it seems anything beefy enough is at a minimum going to be $40 to $50 per month. What absolute SAINT is going to hire that, plus run a crappy Discord, plus a web zone, and never get to play? The more I think about Privates the more my Apple Watch tells me to breathe.

Officials rule.


Lol…I. the thread only has a few flags left. Silence the discussion flagging I guess is like the megabase reports now.

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Revamp bows remove projectile arrow make it hit box scan, this would help with performance and be less effected on latency.

This would be easier scale the range on players and npc will actually have fighting chance. This would also make them hit a moving target.

Add auto fill quiver that makes arrows based on mats quiver is made of. Just increase durability damage