A possible way Funcom could win over the community


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LMFAO Oh ya, I’m sure the player count is very high FOR THE FREE WEEK. What do season pass sales look like? THAT is the only thing that counts.
You can breeze through any game as admin, just don’t brag about getting it done that fast, they is nothing to brag about.

I play on the official severer, when it is up and not lagging so bad as to be unplayable. I get maybe 2 hours in a day to work on challenges. And some of those challenges aren’t easy for any one less that a maxed player with star metal kit. None the less, even if it just takes 15 minutes that is 15 minutes of my time and my time is valuable.

The servers start to struggle with just 20 people on. If I log out with 25 people on I wont be able to log back in. Of coarse some one can always screw with that. I finally got back in after lunch yesterday when the server select said the games ping was 85, got in and it was well over 400 making it complete unplayable.

Right now I am having such a hard time getting on and staying on an official server I have given up playing and regret buying a season pass. I bought the game, I bought all the DLCs, I bought the season pass, it shouldn’t be a knock down drag out fight just to get and stay on a severer and actually have a playable game.

They don’t need to create time based events, when just when and how long you can effectively play is so limited.

I think you need to learn what rhetorical means…

Nope, I’m good, already know. Thank you though. Just wanted to make sure the point was clear.


OP sorry for the slight derail and I will not respond to this line anymore except in DM. Sorry guys. Continue on with the discussion.

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You left out the second part of my statement as to why. Again, just the way things are. I dont recall making a value judgement of saying they weren’t a good thing to have.

Exactly, exactly the way I stated them. Shiny brings in people and shiny fades quickly for most gamers. You need to keep their interest and to never depend or rely on the shiny time alone to keep them interested.

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The way I see Bazaar prices is if they are too high, they won’t make much. Valve suggests when you put Software on Steam that you should consider that there is a Customer for every pricepoint. For example a shiny new $60 title will sell to those who want it now and don’t wish to wait. But then there are many who can’t really justify a $60 purchase. They may buy it at $40.

So does a company sit there and just keep selling it at $60 for perpetuity? No of course not. You make $0 on those who will not buy it for $60. So after a while you drop the price. This way those who bought it at $60 aren’t cheated, they paid an extra $20 for the time and exclusivity of the time. And for many of those, the extra is worth it not to wait.

Some time down the road that title may even go on sale for even less. You can pick up many titles when released were $50-60 for under $15, $10, or even under $5 years after they were released.

In this case I don’t know how many people think a Bazaar item like the Arcane Banner is worth $4.87-6.33 (depending on how much you bought your crom coin for in bundles). If its quite a bit, then its worth its listed price. If not, then FC will have to consider reducing it or chalking it up as a loss. They have to pay for the artist, coder, modeler, and UI person(s) who made it available. If the time it took to make it isn’t paid for, then its a loss.

They’ve got the data they need to make those decisions. My concern is that decision is probably going to be made by the one who rushed out the patch and didn’t listen to the devs and their discussions with our modders. Whomever that was needs to get their head and ass wired together.

Ok my last statement still stands I would be more inclined to spend money on crom coins for items I like provided I could earn them in-game this is ONLY because E.G. $10 for a statue is a F!CKEN joke

Siptah cost me like $50 full price, I thought that was acceptable till I got slapped in the face with 3.0

Looks like FC captured a nice percentage with the free week and the 3.0 release.

If it begins averaging right around the 20k mark it will be the typical and expected increase for such a time. That it’s above that a week after the one-week events is a pretty good sign!

As for earning RMC coinage by playing, well, FC would be the first to implement such an insane scheme. Thus, pretty sure they won’t… LMAO!

As for the prices per item FC again is coming in on the lowest end - most favorable to players. You might not like it but no one cares - and no one should. Certainly FC shouldn’t care. No, they should be caring about what enables them to make and maintain the best game they can! IMO, there should be some statues or whatever that cost $50 or $75… No one is being forced to buy them. Hell, they’re not even useful in gameplay. If you don’t like it don’t buy it - simple as that!!! Let us who want to invest, spend on these things and STHU!

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