Some things need to be clarified about the Bazaar and Battle Pass

It’s been a while since I realized that the biggest waste of time is posting on this forum hoping that our ideas and suggestions will make any difference in the future of the game. In the end, whoever really has the power to decide what to change in the game barely knows that this forum exists. It is true that sometimes the wishes of Funcom’s high profile coincide with the wishes of some of the comunity, creating the false sense that the community is being heard. But that’s as ilusive as the new spells that just arrived in the game.

However, Funcom loves the Forum full of “buzz”, as all this useless discussion generated on the forum only distracts attention from what really matters: the lack of clarity that Funcom deals with the community.

Yes, I agree that Funcom has to monetize the game, has to earn money, has to pay employees, etc. And that’s okay. I don’t think the community has to get involved with the company’s business plans. If one day this goes bankrupt or if it will double the value of its shares, the credit will be theirs.

But we can’t ignore that all of us (or at least most of us) paid for the game and add-ons, which also gives us some rights. It’s a business/commercial reciprocity. And, in my opinion, the most important right we have is to know exactly what we are paying for and how exactly that is going to work.

We need stability in what we are going to invest. This is not a casino where we buy chips and hope that luck is on our side in the future. And I’m not just talking about money, but this game was designed to cost us a lot of time. Even more now that the battle pass will start bothering us with useless tasks, with the only purpose of pissing us off enough to make us pay for levels upgrade.

But Funcom has released a bazaar and a confusing battle pass, with no in-depth explanation, and the community itself has to keep speculating about how things work and how they are likely to work in the future. I am not questioning whether the items are expensive or cheap, that is already defined: they are expensive. And that’s ok. The main thing is that we already know that the items are expensive, so now we just have to decide if we want to buy them or not.

However, I believe that there are many things that Funcom should commit to with players before selling items as expensive as these. What I’m questioning is about the things that are not clear, but that directly influence the decision to buy or not what is being offered. Many are buying the battle pass and items from the bazaar as a black box, and that sucks.

So, I opened this topic so that someone can clearly clarify the community’s doubts about the Battle Pass and the Bazaar, so that everyone can choose to buy it ot not, aware of what to expect in the coming months. I know that many questions are answered by the community, but we can’t know if the information is correct or not.

I’ll start with my doubts:

1- Will Battle Pass tasks always be allowed to be completed in admin mode or in the future the tasks will become more difficult, or even have some restrictions or conditions?

2- How long will last each season??

3- Do the items offered in the bazaar take turns between them or are they offered only once?

4- Will the items from the bazaar at some point be offered in packages with a better purchase condition?

A few of these concerns were at least partially addressed in a devstream awhile back.

  1. While tasks may become more difficult, they will be available on single player and on private servers. Thus Admin Mode ok.

  2. Seasons are targeted at or around 13 weeks with 2-3 Seasons in each “Age”. An Age referring to a thematically linked package of adjustments (upgrades if they don’t break the game) to the base game.

  3. Items in the Bazaar rotate and will return in the future. Not necessarily at the same price. There were intentions expressed of having a permanent bazaar front once there was a greater library of items to choose from, but at current they said it would just look sad and vacant so the format we see now was settoed on for the first phase.

  4. Maybe? Items rotate in and out. Prices are not fixed. There was a note that if something is offered in the Bazaar that someone already owned part of, there would be a discount/proration. This implies we should expect to see packages in the future, but that is speculation.

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Seems hypocritical that you express (so elaborately) how Funcom never listens to it’s customers, that the forum is a “waste of time.” Yet you failed to listen to Funcom when they answered all 4 of your questions (or doubts). There were several live streams where Funcom answered questions, one of which was an interview, another was a Q&A session. There were also many youtube videos made from interviews that answered all your questions, but I suppose you couldn’t be bothered to watch any of those either.

You can use the admin pannel in any way you see fit to complete the Battle Pass and the challenges will not get progressively more difficult.

Each Age (Age of Sorcery included) is comprised of 3 “chapters” and each chapter will last 3 months. The Battle Pass will change with every chapter and past passes will be gone forever.

The timers in the Bazaar represent the slot and when the timer runs out, that slot will be filled with a new items(s). Slots will constantly cycle through Funcom’s wares, recycling older items that have been there previously. All items will return at some point, but you won’t know when.

I’m not sure what you mean by “better purchase condition.” Funcom did say though, that there will be sales occasionally, just as the prices are currently slashed. So if you want to hold out for a better price, you can, but just like any sale, there’s no telling whether waiting will be worth your time.

LOL, seriously I went from Kill Wolves, Visit the Volcano, Get Black Ice to…gather stone. ROFL.

All the examples you mentioned @DelRioServerMaster, are supposed to be “challenges” and are within the difficulty range that Funcom has set up. I said they will not get “progressively” more difficult, meaning that ‘kill 10 wolves’ on the first challenge doesn’t become kill 100 or 1000 wolves down the road.

That’s very cynical. I think this information feeds back to Funcom for them to consider. There is communication from time to time. I don’t think we are wasting our time here. I’m sure that Funcom celebrates the creative ideas and suggestions of the community. I don’t believe that they don’t value us.

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Either way, these things aren’t exactly earth shattering tasks. The Battle Pass is easily accomplished given the cost.

Exactly, they are all fairly simple challenges and Funcom said they won’t get progressively more difficult. Season passes in many other games do get more difficult, eventually forcing you to spend money to complete it.

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