Battle Pass And Bazar past seasons

I think it would be a awesome idea to make Past Battle Pass seasons Items in to DLC’s
We can buy off of steam once a new battle pass comes out so people have a chance to get the old stuff .

And This also lets Funcom profit from the past battle passes as well after there over with .
While letting players pick up what they have missed . Also lets players who may lose net accesses or are unable to connect to funcom service would lot lose access to the Bazaar items or battle pass items they paid for .


I’d like it if there was SOME way to have these items be accessible. Even if it means playing through that battle pass and purchasing it just as you could the current ones. I’m not opposed to doing the challenges for it.

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Full agreed!

I’m actually horrified that I might not have access to past battle pass items! I’ve only just started playing and now I see items that I fear I may never have… No, I can’t play a game that locks something as important as an armor stand away in the past! I fear unless they implement a solution such as you suggest, I’m out! I won’t put myself through that kind of torment! How can you sell things by making them unavailable to buy?!!

I do agree, even if I only can see a handful of really worthy items to look for.
Since the whole bazaar structure got built on a FOMO-basis I let it go in the very beginning with disappointment.
Without generalizing I can safely say I’d have spent some money on Crom coins if I had the chance to spend them on meaningful, creative content for a much fairer price but this way my wallet stays untouched and actually I don’t even have anything to miss. I’m also sure there are others thinking the same way, all my friends included who I play with and say the same.

Mods are there to compensate though. It’s just so unbelievable for me how a few one-coloured kindergarden-level drawing on an already existing wall piece or a mostly invisible body tattoo can be a successful business model.
I see no creativity in these, also can hardly see the value of a fracture of a full weapon set skin to be sold for multiple price of a classic, fully fleshed building style set DLC.

Anyway, I’d still be happy to join spending but I’d need wares to spend it on and not on the basis of a facepalm-level FOMO structure please.

I have always been on the side of making old battle passes available after they are finished, and vehemently opposed to time-limited exclusivity, so I do not disagree with the proposition by intent, but by its unrealistic expectations - that is, wanting Funcom to do something they will not do.

The bazaar and battle pass items cannot be used without connecting to the Funcom Live Service because they intentionally designed them that way. They didn’t have to, they chose to.

They have moved over to the bazaar model and will not be doing more DLCs.

They have also said that they won’t sell battle pass items on the bazaar.

So a realistic ask is just to have some sort of option available that allows someone to unlock and play on an old battle pass. I think there are several different possibilities, possibly even ones Funcom has already considered before they decided to not allow old ones to be played. They just need to make the decision to make old battle passes available. The “how” isn’t the important part.

They said that they were planning to release other variants of the armor stand into the base game. Who knows when that will happen, but the armor stands were never meant to be battle pass only.

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The current BattlePass system is geared to a ‘casino model’ of trade. It is a model used by many games, busines, and card trade systems :slight_smile:

  • sell unique items via a ‘special’ portal;
  • sell sets and single parts of sets;
  • limit sight of the whole collection(s);
  • rotate items over long periods.

A Seller can call on human ‘collector’ greed of ‘I better buy now or I’ll miss out’ or the ‘I need the whole set’ or the ‘it’s not so expensive’ (based on a single instance item).

It works. It’s not a good model, a shop window with all stocks, all singly priced, works more fairly, but for some buyer sectors used to following models like this, it works, and works well.

FC are owned by a huge, diversified tech company. Their customers are global and so the ‘casino trade’ model kinda works enough to make sufficient monies over time to justify it.

I personally wish it were the store-front window approach where we could select from the whole collection at any time but, having been burned by buying one item later released as part of a bundle-set, won’t buy any more no matter how ‘tempting’. Vote with your feet. Simple. :wink:

None of the items give perks that core game items do not already give. They are cosmetic skins. People dispute this, but it is just that. If you are familiar with core game items, including the sorcery side of things, the DLC stuiff is purely cosmetic (looks pretty).

AND wow, they really do look pretty. Excellent work by the Art/Design thralls!

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