A possible way Funcom could win over the community

Create time based events example: new or old dungeons that have a one time loot table refreshed weekly that would contain special loot only obtainable via that way while including (CROM COINS) for completion, maybe offering different difficulty selections as well


that would have to be on official server only , as i can see people cheating it on their private or single player place

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I mean, what incentive do they have?

We get free Crom Coins to spend in the Bazaar.
They lose sales.
They have to come up with brand new loot on a near weekly basis to roll out for it.

At this point, the only way Funcom is going to win over the community is to rethink their Bazaar entirely. Nothing else is gonna cut it. And would be seen for the sham it was, trying to “bribe us back” if they tried.


Yeah I can see how that would be a problem but like I said if they make it a one time offer once a week then I guess those who would cheat it they are only getting it faster then official they would still only get the same as official

Do not rush to cut off bazaar as failed… Some streamers and a few forumites describe it as fail, but only the revenue will decide.
Untill we have statistics about sales, do not be absolute upon fc loosing or gaining customers…

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CE is seeing a huge boost in players. Its the highest its been since launch, and not by just a little bit.


If I have to work for it in game, it is not free.

Or they can go the WoW route and time played = free crom coins.

I mean, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to pop up with easy ways to get Crom coins. The entire purpose of the Bazaar is to generate profit.

They aren’t getting profit if they are giving it all away for free.

The challenges are hardly “work”, given you can breeze through the entire Pass in a single afternoon with the Admin panel.

How can you have a true workaround if it’s not predicated on actual, or busy … work? :hammer: :laughing:

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Hey, I have no problem doing that method. ^^ Saves me time, the stuff is unlocked on your entire account anyways, you don’t -have- to redeem the one off items on the Admin character if you don’t want to.

Just rank up the Battle Pass and never claim any of it, until you get online on your official characters and then do it.

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Shiny new update and it will fade just a quickly. Many games have experienced this phenomenon. Its keeping and retaining interest and fun that is challenge.


I think Funcom would rather start from a highest peak in 4 years than not…

Depends on the relative peak as the last 4 years have been fairly low foot hills. The peak could have been much, much higher and more stable.

Facts are a stubborn thing. Its the highest since 2018. Woulda coulda shoulda is always debatable.

It’s the uncomfortable fluctuation I’m seeing, and now once again RDR is overtaking us. From a development standpoint RDR is officially deader than Arthur Morgan. #spoilers

I selected 0100 for the valley because as a denizen of servers 1 a.m. is typically a time for resurgence after raid is over. This means official server players, in my estimate, are contributing fewer players to the waveform.

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It wouldnt surprise me that officials arent the major driver. Merger shut down servers and officials are so swamped that they are struggling performance wise in many cases.

New players come to official servers of a game first and foremost historically. To many players the Official servers ARE the game. Admin abuse on past games have soured many players to playing games on private servers and so come to the main servers of a game to have a better chance at an impartial game experience.

Official servers of a game are very important to the health of a game.

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RDR2 is also infinitely better than Conan. :rofl:
Even No Man’s Sky should overtake Conan. Look at the mass quantity of free content they continually introduce, without ever asking for more money.

Win over what?

Looks like they’re doing fine to me! They’re still riding between 30 and 25 with the free week over with - for a few days. Taken just minutes ago:

Twitch is still way up too! You guys are WAY too paranoid! Maybe you’re judging by the forum complainers? I wouldn’t. Such kinds of people (I won’t call them what they are!) will always be here! CE could be number one in the charts and they would still be posting bull-crap like “how to win back customers” and so on.