A question about release

As I understand it, EA’s get the armor. Cool. However, there is a separate Barbarian package for launch. Do those that purchased the barbarian package during EA also get the additional items slated to be in the launch version of that package? Not sure I’ve seen Jenz respond to that as yet.

Are we will have this bonus with the each new character on each new server we will play?

That’s my concern as well. Do we get the kings armor with each new character or just the first one we make? I don’t want to squander my “limited” armor on single player or a server that i will only be on shortly while waiting for a modded server i want to stick with.

As for the Barbarian pack, that’s just a bunch of swag, nothing game related.

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What about combat system are we getting with launch or before

it would make sense that the armor or sword would be a recipe and due to the game being linked to your steam account it wouldnt be hard to implement it as an automatically given recipe upon character creation. If the item(s) is spawned in on creation then you would have the risk of losing it the second you joined a server. It would also add quite a few unnecessary reoccurring scripts running in the background to re-give those items when you died. Of course I could be wrong and we could end up with something that broken. But im going to bank on a recipe given upon character creation.

the recipe method will also mean that you still have to gain an appropriate level and make it which will prevent you from being over powered at a lower level.

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I doubt you will get the EA armor since giving it to you defeats the entire purpose of giving it to EA players in the first place.

That said, unless you mod the game you won’t be able to skin the armor, making it pretty much useless after a while unless it ‘levels up’ with you, which would be overpowered. The same applies to the sword.

If it is a recipe, it could easily fall under the new epic tier.

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Did not see it in the Recipes in the Testlive build, not sure how it will be handled at launch.

A potential problem if its cratable is that one can craft it to all other players. And just craft new one when its broke. If not its only possible to wear if you are a EA char though… anyway, do we know anything about it? Could it be without stats? Only cosmetic?