A quivering prayer to the gods of Hyboria (to our dear developers)

Dear FUNKOM, an old and devoted fan of the universe of Robert Ervin Howard, who only recently discovered your wonderful creation, addresses you. “Conan Exiles” became for me a real magic door to the world of my favorite writer. I even suspect that you perceive your child as well as me. For many years, I admired the work of John Milius, his film “Conan the Barbarian” in a new way made me look at Hyboria, and of course at Conan. This director has hitherto ghostly fantasies, taken from Howard’s books, in an amazing and fascinating setting. And the music of Basil Poledouris gave all this the unearthly magic of antiquity and power. And then after many years, “Conan Exiles” appear … I cannot even describe how glad I was to make sure that not only I also love this magical world. Indeed, in every stroke of your game you feel the hand of a true fan of Howard, Frazetta, Milius and Poledouris. And although I’m already too old for video games, I gladly plunged into this abyss. But something overshadowed my impression. And saddens me so far. The magnificent, radiant and all-transfiguring Atlantean Sword is inaccessible to me only because my son told me about this game after its release. I find this incredibly unfair. I hope I’m not wasting my time and writing this address in Google Translator from Russian to English for half an hour. Please understand me as a true fan of Conan a true fan. Let others touch this legendary weapon, at least in a single game. Thank you for reading this.


Is it possible for someone, like me, who has the sword recipe to give it to someone who doesn’t (I don’t have the star metal one yet, haven’t found black ice yet)

And if I can give it to someone…will they be able to even fix it, not knowing the recipe? If you’re on PS4 we can always try.

Unfortunately, I play on the PC.

It was preorder. Most of the preorder folk have vanished into oblivion. But the exisiting preorder folks don’t want to share it or give it up as it is their marker or badge of honor.

It makes sense and while it is iconic and we all kinda want one. It outlives its usefulness very quickly as there is no flawless or upgrade to it.

I think if you are such a die hard fan the riddle of steel pack is for you. As a die hard fan myself I bought it and it is iconic enough for me.

I feel your sorrow and lamentation regarding this.

I even bought a camel to punch it out of disappointment.

Then I just felt guilty for punching the camel.

Hope this helps

Did people really see it as a badge of honor? :confused:
But yeah, the sword does lose its usefulness quickly, but it certainly looks cool. There is also a starmetal version of the sword, so that does count as an upgrade. I’m assuming it’s stronger.

Every time this comes up it sparks a debate about loyal players supporting since the Dawn of Hyboria.

So it feels like a badge of honor. Or at least something that sets them apart. It’s only sentimental value these days.

But its great on a display rack

The collector’s edition contains a code for the atlantean sword…

Maybe you can still get one somewhere.

Maybe eventually Funcom will release an ultimate edition of some sort which contains everything, like Kingdom Come Deliverance just did.
I don’t have a royal armor and I want one.

Actually, I happen to have an extra code for the sword which I won in one of Funcom’s competitions (I already had the preorder code). Since you do indeed seem a fan of the source material and all that, why don’t we put supply and demand together? Hit me up via PM, and I’ll give you the code. Free of charge of course. I’d post it here, but chances are someone might beat you to the cash-in then :wink: Couldn’t have that now can we!


By the great old one, what a twist ! You are amazing by your act dude !

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Frankly, I did not expect to find such generosity from the players. I hoped to get some encouraging response from the developers. But if you are really ready to share this code, you will give me a real gift!

Solution: release it to everyone as paid DLC and also release a craftable upgrade to it that puts it on par with the best weapons in the game. Just make the upgrade a 90 day timed exclusive for anyone who preordered the game.

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