A rescue system,prisoner system and brutal death system

A rescue system to help players. You are falling off a cliff and your saved by one of your thralls or another player. The saved player gets a debuff and can’t move for 30 seconds. The savior gets a buff. The savior can kill the player they saved,defend the player until they can move or just leave the player there. Thralls just defend the player.

Now onto a prisoner system. Players can become prisoners to clans. By surrendering a player can become a prisoner. The other player can just kill the surrendering. Just attack until surrendering player until it is dead. Or bind a player hands. Bind players can follow (Drag by you). Players who reach your base can stay as permanent prisoners. Your thralls won’t attack prisoners unless prisoners attack you or your clan. Permanent prisoners can only farm and not destroy your base or place items. Players can choose not to be permanent prisoners at any time. Permanent prisoner can be unbind at your base. A not permanent prisoner will only stay bind for 20 mins. Or they can try to break out them selves. Another player can unbind a player at will. Max Permanent prisoners is 5 per clan. Permanent prisoners are a part of you clan. So treat them right. They are basically player thralls .

Ok now onto a few new death items. If you bind a player you can kill them in these death devices. Spike death devices. Beheading devices.

I’m not sure if the first suggestion would/could work in the game, but as far as being able to subdue or capture other players, the devs have repeatedly stated that it would not happen…as part of the base game.
On the other hand though, there are always mods for just about everything. The downside of mods is that 1) every update could break the game until the mod creators get the mods back up to speed, and 2) I don’t think any of the official servers run the pl capture mod, so you are looking at a private or sponsored server.
I hope you can find the experience that you want.

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